Project #3 10/15

The story that I decided to work on is “Here Poverty and Privilege are Neighbors; Income Gaps are a Source of Resentment and Guilt by Janny Scott because the word poverty was the first phrase that my eyes first caught before reading through the stories. Every single day I see many homeless people roaming around the streets and I always wonder how did they ended up into this mess and as a New Yorker, I believe it’s important for me to know about the issues between society and poverty and why are there people falling behind our backs. My expectations though this article will probably be the problem of the the populations and high income tax, it makes sense to put these reasons for the cause of poverty because it could be difficult for people to find available rents homes or apartments and income taxes are very high on these days now. For instances, in New York City, there are millions of buildings and/ or other facilities surrounding the city and most of them are unavailable rent for the cause of the dramatic increase of the population and the income taxes rapidly increasing and for some cannot catch up and they end up bankrupt leading to poverty for themselves. It would also be great what New Yorkers think about other people from different states or foreign people.

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