“the marking of the limits or boundaries of something¬†:¬†the act, process, or result of¬†demarcating¬†something” – Merriam-Webster¬†dictionary

The word was encountered through the article”Here, Poverty And Privilege Are Neighbors; Income Gaps Are a Source Of Resentment and Guilt” by¬†¬†

The sentence it was used in is”They range from Ms. Davis’s neighborhood, where two public housing projects bookend a gentrifying corridor of brownstones and row houses, to an area along the beach in Brooklyn where West End Avenue appears to be a stark line of demarcation between the serene old-immigrant opulence (great wealth or luxuriousness) of Manhattan Beach and the teeming new-immigrant enclave ( social unit¬†enclosed¬†within or as if within foreign territory) of Brighton Beach.”

The author in the article mostly talks about how there’s a always a borderline in New York even though there is diversities. This quote ”Even as a young child, there’s a sense that you sort of stay with the people that you’re most comfortable with — people in the same income bracket or gender or ethnicity or class.” Demarcation is utilized to say New York has always been divided. There’s aways a borderline between rich/poor neighborhoods or maybe a split between two ethnicities.


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