PROJECT #1: My College Experience

My Experience of he first few at city tech was quite a mess but very liberal. The very first day at city tech August 28, 2018 had started very messy because according to my schedule, it said that I have English class at the Midway building and as soon as I got there, I didn’t  have a city tech ID to enter the building with ease so I had to carry my schedule and the city tech map around my hand including my personal ID. As I was in the Midway building, I had to ask the officer for directions to get to my class and she told me to take the stairs to the second floor. By the time I was in the midway building, I was already 15-30 minutes late to class and I rush to find my class. But somehow I confused myself for finding the stairs. It took my around 3-4 minutes to try find the stairs leading to the second floor because when I took the stairs I first found, there was more stairs that I had to climb and I thought I was taking the wrong stairs. Little did I know, I was taking the correct stairs leading to the second floor, I just needed to climb further and when I reached for the classroom, suddenly there’s a note telling me that the class was moved back to the Name building on the 6th floor. I was frustrated but what choice did I have so I’d headed back to the Name building and I had to take the stairs to get to the 6th floor because I knew I had no time waiting for the elevator. I was very tired of taking stair and as soon as I reached for the 6th floor. I was stuck at a situation of which side was the class. I first took the right hall was and I was trying to find my class and I was looking at every class number on top of the door. I thought I was taking the right directions because the numbers were following up to my classroom but I ended up into a dead end and I checked my schedule twice or more and realize that took the wrong hallway. So I took the left hallway, on my way the class numbers were listed on the left wall and I didn’t noticed it and finally I’d made it almost an hour late and professor Rosen apologies for the sudden change. That day was one of the worst and messiest day I had, that was just not my day.

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