Project #3: Juxtaposition

To get to this building i exited through Namm Hall and made a sharp right turn down jay street, kept walking straight, past the train station and stopped at the end of Jay street. From across the street i could see this building.

Considering how busy Jay street is, it was loud, kind of hot and smelled strange. But i had seen this building earlier and it caught my eye then. This building was erected during The famous Art Deco era in american architecture (during the 1920’s), There signature style is vertical lines, and arching shapes. Examples of other building created then are The Chrysler building, The Empire state building and 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

What made this Building stand out to me was the fact that it was Art Deco, and covered in signs, taking away some of the buildings design, and blocking it. The old 1920’s design with modern day hygiene signs, and above an Ann Taylor, it looks ad if it’s almost forcing it to be more 21st century.

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