Draft: Bio & Avatar

Brianna M

My name is Brianna Maldonado, currently enrolled in City Tech and majored in the study of Communication Design. I’ve always loved the way things have been designed for the public, like when you see movie posters or advertisements in the subway and I got really into it when I entered high school. Even though it is something I would love to do in my future, my passions and things I enjoy the most are reading, writing, and watching movies. Ever since I was little I would always be reading and once I learned how to write stories or even argumentative essays I would enjoy actually doing it. Watching films has always been something that really made me happy because each one has its own stories and ways of expressing it. I always had this personal philosophy that you should always do what makes you the happiest, even if it’s not something you would want to do as a career, you can have it as a hobby. My hobby of watching films all the time introduced me to looking at advertisements and the movie posters and I was so curious on how they did those to capture the audience’s attention or just random people passing by. That’s also how my personality is too, I like to keep myself open-minded to different interests because I don’t think I can only enjoy doing one thing and sticking to one thing. That’s how my aesthetic is, and always trying to see the brighter side to things, always trying to be optimistic because I don’t wanna waste my time being negative. So, always trying to see the best in a situation and making others laugh or smile because I think you should treat people the way you want to be treated. So even though I might have my rough days because of my load work for school my goals for college is to really push myself to keep my grades up and to not underestimate myself to get a Bachelor’s degree.

My avatar is a cartoon version of myself which is to represent how I look, and also the tiny cartoon version of myself is also a little humorous because people realize how much it does look like me. I didn’t want to put anything specific about my major or my passions represented in my avatar because I don’t think that truly represents me. My personality and aesthetic is something I say truly represents me. I wouldn’t want to change it now that I’ve explained what my passions are and what I enjoy to do. My avatar has orange-reddish hair in a little afro, green glasses, some hoop earrings, and a yellow shirt with some blue little pants. So, basically, this avatar looks exactly like me because I have my hair like that all the time. My glasses are green, and I’m always usually wearing earrings because I love accessories.

Overall my bio and avatar really satisfy me because I think it represents me and what I want to specifically show to my peers.

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