Avatar, Project 2

In open lab, I’d uploaded one of my favorite sketched anime character as my avatar because I’m proving that I have a lot of passion and potential to draw what I am great with fine details. I’m proving that I want to learn and improve more than I am now and I’m seeking for perfection to make a difference of my drawing. My style of drawing is related to Japanese cartoon art (anime) and for my personal philosophy and aesthetic, I think that my interest of anime is what drove me into their art of style.

Besides my interest in anime, I’m also very interested about the Japanese culture and I would like to travel there one day because I want to experience the reality of Japan, its lifestyle (compare in the anime/ manga) and get to know its people (would be nice to make some friends). Most of all, Japan seem to be very familiar with anime and I think I’ll have the advantage to find more opportunities rather than the United State because there are lots of jobs that require experiences in animation design and other, therefore I believe that my career will be well fitting for these jobs in Japan.

My interest of anime comes along with the major I’m taking as well as my avatar. I want to show and share at the same time of what people might think about me and demonstrate what I am capable of doing to reach to the future. I choose this picture of a anime female figure holding some type of food because I want to compare and see what makes me different compare to the other avatar from other classmates in my perspective and maybe if someone have that same interest as mine, he/she can reach up to me and we can share our comparisons and differences between each other. You’ll never know what other people may have that same interest and I can possibly meet many people and this can help me move on during my college year. Sharing our interest is great feedback to learn from it and make differences than what we were before.

As you can see this avatar has a surprise expression (telling from the stars shining through her eyes) and a combination of curiosity. It’s very fitting for me  to use this character because curiosity is also part of my personality and I like to experience something new and never done or seen before. For instance, I like experimenting with music on my piano and I though of play a different instrument that I never get to play and I had my thoughts of playing a guitar so  I decided to get myself a electric guitar and test it out. Before I got the guitar, I had this app on my phone that can play many different instrument (Garage Band) and it had a guitar solo play and bass guitar. I didn’t know a lot about the mechanism or how does it work or play it, so I decided to try it on my phone with the app and try to compare it with the piano. Musicians says that mastering the piano can give up the advantage of playing others. instruments and I absolutely agree on that. As soon, as I got my guitar, little by little I started to learn and understand the mechanism of the guitar and with  practice I finally had the hang of it, I’m still currently learning and I manage to play some parts of a song that I listen and play on piano. My curiosity is what describes me most ( depending of my personality) and I think is very fitting to put an anime character with a curious expression as my avatar.

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