Futile: (adjective) That serves no useful purpose, effortless or worthless.

At first point, I wasn’t very familiar with the word Futile and therefore I didn’t understand what the first sentence was try to say until I looked up on a Dictionary and by knowing its definition, reading it once more with knowing the word “Futile” it now make sense and I get the message of the first sentence.

Website (dictionary): https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/futile

So far, I understand that the story is talking about a prediction of technology in the future, and the author point out that it would be futile to create a new technology when we will have to confront something chaotic for an advance technology. It would be all for nothing if we create something that it won’t benefit us and harm us in a devastated way. Something futile can’t help us and technology evolve in a better way than just doing nothing.

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  1. In which reading did you find the word? You need to include the passage where you find the word (long enough to show how it’s being used) and explain the passage now that you understand what futile means.

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