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Bio:  Currently a student at City tech, within communication design major. Since middle school, I’ve enjoyed drawing and writing, over time it became a hobby I would enjoy and often work on.  I usually worked on creating my own characters in drawing while in writing I would write fanfiction. Over time I have improved a lot in both areas and hope to further improve on them as well. These also inspire in working on drawing and writing childish/fantasy like ideas. I usually am open minded to many things however whenever a situation arrives that I become uncomfortable with I place the line and speak up.  Along with that, I have the belief of giving people a chance or a second one if there has been any wrongdoing after that there isn’t another. My goal in five to ten years would be possible in being able to stary on working on storyboards or animation, mostly center around anime. On the writing side, being able to start writing a book whether it be a novel or a fun children’s book. For these the general area ideas I have to work on would be within an adventure or fantasy kind of storyline.

Avatar: For my avatar, I chose a cartoon version of myself that I drew a while ago for a drawing account I have online.  The reason for this would be because it’s just me, it looks a bit childish in the style I used and utensil that makes it look like a crayon, this for me would show how open I can be almost like a child who is always open to something new or curious of something or someone new to them. That’s the feeling I had for the avatar I drew because an avatar can really only tell so much until you actually get to know someone.

Overall my thoughts in my bio and avatar satisfy me because well I just enjoy being consider as someone to easily approach and an open minded thought. This matters to me because I feel it can tell others that I am approachable or is able to talk and try to continue a concersation even if it might get akward. This can also be appropiate wuth professionals because I feel it would give then an idea on what I can work with. I guess over time the image and thoughts on my profile would change into something more sophisticated as I learn and approach new people at City Tech.

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