Sound Visualization: Phase 1

For this project, I decided to choose one of my favorite J-pop (Japanese) songs called “Ninelie” (with Chelly), by Aimer, her breathy vocal that stands out among J-pop. This song start with a very calm atmosphere, then the piano playing along following with a guitar and Aimer voices. It keeps this very kind sad melody that makes you feel  lonely but as it continues, the bass guitar follows the flow and little by little it starts building up like there’s hope and makes you want to get back on your feet and rise. It’s like see light of hope rising to the sky to its stars. Another way that I can describe is like seeing the sky finally cracking into a triangular geometric shape and see the True Tone of light lurking out of the cracks and at last the triangular shape rising into the sky starts fading into sparking lights and see the beauty beyond the sky .

Song: “Ninelie”

Artist: Aimer (feat. Chelly)

Duration (time): (4:20 mins)

Gerne: J-pop (Japanese)


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