Field Trip to the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum

The first design that I think I found it compelling was the Tactile Orchestra 2017-2018 designed by Roos Meerman because it was a wall made out of black fur and as you are feeling it and moving your hands around it make this sound of a playing string instrument and depending the motion of your arms it plays it how smooth or fast you’re moving. Roos Meerman is the designer for the tactile orchestra and was founded in 2014. This art work was made from man made black fur and a sensor behind it that plays string instruments orchestra.

Another design that I think it was compelling as well and I don’t think many people had the chance to see it or understand what is was meant for is the ostrich pillow, 2012 deigned by studio Banana because first of all, it’s a pillow for people who often sleep on desks (which I might be interested of getting one for myself) and second it has this funny cubic shape form. It’s an unusual pillow that I don’t get to see it every day and the way it is properly use is you literally have to wear the pillow on your head and face. There are four hole in this pillow, the bottom is to insert your head into the pillow, the front has a big hole that exposes the mouth and nose for breathing comfort and both left and right are for your hand where your head will be resting on. It’s a very cool accessory for everyone to have and I think it will be a good use for college student who likes sleeping on tables.  Ostrichpillow was design by Studio Banana and founded in 2007.

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