Urban Artifacts: Phase 1

#1 Stable: This bottle cap got abandoned by its bottle, leaving it in the right place where I would notice it and realize how much it was conveniently placed on the sidewalk where it could later be used in a project to show stable figure/ground.

#3 Stable: This piece of tin foil contrasts from the black background, which makes it an obvious figure ground.

#1 Ambiguous: This painting shows ambiguous figure/ground, even though it isn’t a picture of something outdoors it still shows how background color vs. foreground color makes a difference for obvious and ambiguous figure/ground. The composition shows very organic shapes, like the sky, clouds, and the skeleton ribs. The painting is by David Wojnarowicz @ the Whitney.

#2 Ambiguous: This wrapper for the candy called Smarties was just chilling on the outside area of City Tech all lonely. If there wasn’t so much debris around the wrapper it would’ve been a stable figure/ground example. It has very geometric shapes and the surrounding shapes are very organic which I think shows where the setting of this candy was being devoured.

#3 Ambiguous: This is another little segment of a whole painting of David Wojnarowicz.

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