Urban Artifacts: Phase 3


The stable figure took around 30 minutes, the ambiguous took around 45 minutes. I chose this stable and ambiguous to my final project, because these two design is simple to show what I understand of the meaning of stable and ambiguous. Compared to phase 2, it was hard to cut and difficult to make each side looked  like the original drawing.

ENG 1101 Project #1 (Process)

When it came to this project, I decided to step a small bit out of my comfort zone, and get slightly personal. I wanted this project to mean something, and to portray me as an individual as transparently as possible. I knew that I would include some details that not very many people know about me, in order to give the reader or anyone else a good impression of who I am and what I pursue.  After my first draft, I realized that a lot of what I had written didn’t make too much sense, or didn’t include enough details. I went back and made more clear sense of what I was trying to say, and fixed a few mistakes in grammar and/or run on sentences. However, I didn’t really cut anything from it. I didn’t think it was necessary to eliminate what I had already written, cause I felt I needed every detail I included. I also took my peer editors advice into much consideration, and decided to be more specific in some ideas and thoughts that seemed to vague or confusing. I also, again, fixed sentences and paragraphs that seemed to prolonged and/or run on. Over all, I spent a considerable amount of time in thinking of what is it that I was going to write, and what exactly was it that I wanted to express. What idea and overall thoughts could I write, that would give the reader the best overall impression of who I am as an individual.

Project #1–How did you get here?

  • How did you know what you wanted to include?

I knew, because anime is something that represents me. With out anime, I would most likely would be interested other than art. Also including my childhood of coming here from Japan to United States, and how my English developed over the course of years.

  • How did you refine what you included?

I asked my peers to revise what I would add and cross out unnecessary things. By reading over again to make sure I forgot to include, or something that is unnecessary.

  • How did you determine what to eliminate?

Things that are too personal, or something that is off topic. Also things that unrelated to my passion in anime or art.

  • How did you figure out the project’s organization?

I actually saw someone’s post at first and made me think about how I was going to construct my project. Beginning with introducing my self on how my childhood became who I am now.

  • What did your classmate’s feedback do for your work process?

My classmate’s feedback helped me a lot to revise, such as things that I need more explanation which most of people do not understand what anime is.

  • What did reading your classmate’s project and giving feedback do for your work process?

It made me wonder if I missed anything in my project while giving feed backs. Made me go back and check my project over and over.

  • How much time did you spend brainstorming? outlining? drafting? revising? Polishing?

Not much, I knew what I needed to include and not to include. Also, because of the help from my classmate’s feed backs, it made it much easier and smoother for me to work on.

ENG 1101 Project #1 Process

After reading through my first draft I’ve noticed that it was good but it could be better. With my draft I needed to explain in more detail on some parts. I refined my essay by rewording some sentences that sounded a little funny to make it more clearer. Also I’ve added different adjectives instead so my sentences won’t sound redundant. I’ve noticed I kept on using “I love” a lot so I eliminated that by rewording it in different ways. I split up my first paragraph into 2 since it was too big in structure. With every alterations I read the sentence over to make sure that it made sense. My paragraph about others misinterpretations on my avatar I kind of took it in a way that people could misinterpret me since my avatar conveyed who I am. With that paragraph I had to make sure the misinterpretations was set more on the avatar and less about myself. With the feedback I got from my classmate I got encouraged to put more into my essay since she was really interested in some parts of it. By reading my classmate’s project and providing feedback it help me in my revision since in that scenario I had to be focused on what to eliminate or add. I took about 20 minuets brainstorming and outlining. The draft itself took about 2 hours and 30 minutes to do. Revising and polishing took about 2 hours.

Urban Artifacts: Phase 3

I chose this stable and ambiguous design, because it intrigued my attention that these two design have a connection. Both designs pulls in each others energy of ground and figure composition. It balances out together since the top design have more ground and the bottom has more figures.

It took me about 3 hours of completing, such as tracing, measuring, cutting, and pasting. I was wondering if I am suppose to outline the measuring.

Final Design
Final Design

Urban Artifacts: Phase 3

My final project consisted of 2 hours work time total. One hour for the ambiguous image and 1 hour for the stable one. Compared to phase 2, this phase of the project required much more detail and focus, in order to achieve a clean, final product. However, both take considerable time, and the illustrations especially, took more work time to complete. I tried to express as much a clear distinction between ambiguity and stable as possible, as seen in the final product.  I also made a slight change to the ambiguous image, where i added some extra detail to make the negative and positive space more balanced.


Urban Artifacts: Phase 3

Stable figure took 30 minus to finish, and ambiguous figure took 60 minus to finish, overall it took an hour and half to finish.

Cut Paper Compositions

In this phase, the project compare to previous one. I used more time to finishing it, and I also changed some small detail. However, you can still easily figure out which one is stable and which one is ambiguous. One thing, this phase is better than the previous one is that the dark space is more completely and filled than the previous phase.

ENG 1101 Project #1 Process

As I was writing my essay I knew what I wanted to include in it because I wanted to put in all the things I thought where important about me that others should know. These things would show how I am in and out of class and how I might translate that to when I am working. When it came time to refining the essay I knew I had to include a better description of my avatar because in my draft I did not describe it as well as I should have. Also I have to rearrange some elements to areas where they are actually relevant to that paragraph. I also had to take out a couple of things. I figured out what to take out of my essay by thinking about what is important and relevant to the essay and what is not relevant. My classmate’s feedback contributed heavily on my work process because I listened to what he had to say and I tried to fix the problems that he saw because I also saw those same problems. I actually spent quite a lot of time brainstorming I had to think of all the things that are important about me but then I had to choose the most important parts about 15 minutes. So i had to choose what to leave in and what to take out, which took about 10 minutes. Not to forget writing up the essay itself which took about 30 minutes. Now I will have to add my revisions to my final product. So overall this project will have taken about an hour.

Urban Artifacts: Phase 3

The stable cut out which is on the right took 5 hours to complete. The ambiguous cut out which is on the left took 6 hours to complete. In total the cut outs took 11 hours to do.

IMG_1058 (1)

This phase of the project relates to the previous phase by having the same figure it’s just in a different medium. The previous phase were inked sketches while in the picture above it’s cut outs. Through both mediums you can still guess which portrait is stable or ambiguous. The portrait on the right has the figure in the middle and at the bottom which makes the figure surrounded by the negative space. With so much white being around the black there’s a sense of lightness and focus on that particular figure. The portrait on the left has multiple figures that cover each corner. Although they are separated the figure in the middle makes everything feel united as a whole.

ENG 1101 Project #1 Process

English 1101 Project #1 Process

In this project I knew what I wanted to include by reading the project description. This project is all about introducing ourselves so I included what I wanted people to know about me, both personally and professionally. I then reread what I wrote and refine it by changing some words, adding new thoughts and take away what is not important. I determine what to eliminate by what I saw as repetitive and what really does not represent me as much. I figured out how to organized my project by the order in which the project task asked, first I introduced myself then I talked about the avatar I chose to represent me, then how others may interpret my avatar in the wrong way, and finally how my profile overall represents me. As my classmate read my work and give me feedback, it helped to improve my work. By reading my class mates work and give them feedback, it helped to me to also improve my work because as I was reading there work, I realized what was missing in my work. I spent approximately 15 minutes brainstorming, 15 minutes, outlining, 40 minutes drafting, 15 minutes revising, 15 minutes polishing. A total of 1 hour and 40 minutes.