a small book or magazine containing pictures and information about a product or service.

(SOURCE- Google Translator)

I found this word while reading “City Limits” in second paragraph, “Maybe you saw the brochure.” Now I understand brochure is a book that have images and information that write about some stuff or services.




: something that makes it difficult to do or complete something : something that interferes with movement or progress

: a condition that makes it difficult to speak normally


I found this word while reading the tenth paragraph on page 9 in “City Limits”. I found it in the sentence, “It saw you steeling yourself for the job interview, slowly walking home after the late date, tripping over nonexistent impediments on the sidewalk.” When I seen the word in the sentence, I remember hearing that word before but never knew what it exactly meant. From this word in the sentence, I’m guessing the author is trying to say is that something is interfering with the person’s movement.





Person who brags a lot

Source: Merriam-Webster

I encountered this word at the end of the sample from the reading expert “City Limits” by Colson Whitehead. “Except for that bit about the Dutch buying Manhattan for twenty-four bucks there are and always will be braggarts who “got in at the right time.”” I never heard of this word this before nor I read it somewhere else. The reason what caught my attention was the pronunciation of the word. I believe this word fits the upper class, because of how much money they make compared to the lower class. This sentence shows that the Dutch were braggarts, because they bought Manhattan for twenty-four bucks. Compared to the time back than, the money became less value than it used to be.



The fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.

Source – Google Definitions

I encountered this word while reading the description for project #2

“On your walk, look for sites of different New Yorks overlapping—such juxtapositions include old and new,”

Now that I know the meaning of Juxtaposition, I know understand that I will be looking for two things in New York that are close together that looks different.

[Glossary Entry 2]


the use of individually distinct functional units, as in assembling an electronic or mechanical system.

i found this word in the reading Universe Strikes Back by Helen Armstrong in the first paragraph i didn’t know what she meant by the word modularity and after reading it over then looking up the definition of the word i now understand what she meant by what she said.



  • to enhance or try to enhance the price, value, or status of by organized and usually governmental action
  • to assign value or merit to

Source:  Merriam-Webster

I found this word while reading a part of the Universe Strikes Back by Ellen Lupton. It can be found on the first page of the reading where it says, “Modernism sought a common language built on systems and modularity in contrast, the post-modernists valorized the special idioms and dialects of cultures and subcultures.” To me this shows how the post-modernists gave value to the idioms and dialects of other cultures.



Impossible to separate

Closely joined or relate

Source: Merriam-Webster

I came across this word from the reading expert “Universe Strikes” Back by Ellen Lupton. I picked up this word because it stood out from the sentence that I read, “A cosmopolitan place such as New York or Paris or Kumasi draws its energy from a mix of persons inextricably connected with a larger world who have the right to participate in a world discourse”. Meaning that energy from the places all around the world mixes to together to form a bigger picture that can speak against the world. This word is something that connects individual to form unity, that brings our differences together. I also picked this word, because of the upcoming election. I wanted to share this word and how we have to realize that Barnie Sanders knows more than other voters; what is better for the people and the country.


noun / cos·mo·pol·i·tan

the ideology that all human beings belong to a single community, based on a shared morality.

(SOURCE – Wikipedia)

This word was found in the reading Univers Strikes Back, “the Princeton philosopher and ethicist born and raised in Ghana, has questioned the values of multiculturalism in the name of a new “cosmopolitanism,” literally, “world citizenship.”  Now I understand that this word means a thought that all human had same by sharing morality.



1. to move in one direction and then back again many times

2. to keep changing from one belief, feeling, condition, etc., to an opposite one

3. to change in strength or direction regularly

Source: Merriam-Webster

I’ve come across this word from the reading expert Wind, Sand and Stars “The Tool” by Antonie de Saint -Exupéry. I picked up this word from this sentence, “The indicators that oscillated on the instrument panel warned us of a thousand dangers.” Because it connects to our graphic design principle and our every day life. To achieve, we have to put our efforts in. Just like drawing, drafting will take hours to reach its final completion. The key, to this sentence is to start with something simple which you will go back and change. It takes you another step closer to the finish line.