Exhibit Catalogue (final)

The artist Brian Mifsud was born on March 29, 1997 in Queens New York. He now currently lives in Manhattan and studies in Brooklyn. The artist drew inspiration from Tom Phillips “A Humument” to create his own versions of this style of composition which combines both language and art to convey anything the artist desires. Tom Phillip was an English artist who purchased a cheap book to use as the basis of an art project known as A Humument. Behind his artwork,  he paints, collages or draws over the pages, leaving some of the text peeking through in serpentine bubble shapes, creating a found text with its own story, different from the original. In this case Brian made three compositions with a theme that juxtaposes with the theme of the original Book. In this exhibit Brian chose the book Hunger Games Catching Fire which has more of a darker and serious theme to it so Brian juxtaposes this theme by making it a bit lighter and more into a comedy. To help convey this Brian also change the title of this composition to Off the Hinge.

Brian created the compositions using a variation of sizes of Micron pens mainly using 0.25, 0.35 and 0.45 mm. Also he used a Faber-Castell Brush pen. For his first design, your idea he creates a composition the perfectly conveys the title of the composition that being your idea using the universal symbol of an idea being a cloud which can be seen in different forms of media, from comic books to cartoons you can see the thought bubble used to convey an idea. The artist also uses different techniques like repetition of the clouds and variation of the cloud sizes to help create emphasis on the main large cloud surrounding the phrase your idea. This composition helps to also convey the theme Brian is trying to get across because the imagery of clouds gives the feeling of dreaming and happiness to help create that lighter theme.

For his second design, Unity, he first had to envision what color combined would make a nice color that is not too harsh so he came up with two colors blue and red which when mixed created a nice purple. So with that Brian colored in one half of the page with red and the other half of the page with blue so when they met in the middle they created a nice shade of purple to show the unity between the colors. The purple line in the middle also has this rhythmic vibe too it that also gives it a nice sense of design.

For his third design Brian wanted to have another design that was in black and white but also did not use the words on the page for his design either. In this design Brian tries again to convey a lighter tone compared to the darker tone of the book. In this composition we see a nice soothing line that goes in a type of wave formation that with dark lines that fill up around the line but not touching the main line with a gap between it. This to the artist gives the composition a lighter tone.

With his composition Off the Hinge, Brian wanted to convey certain ideas that can change the darker tones of the book too the lighter tones of Brian’s new creation. The work of alternated texts along with visual images creates a new story from a preexisting one. It creates more room for stories that have yet to be told as the original source is left as inspirations behind those stories.

Exhibit Catalog

Emma is Still Alive”  is a piece created by aspiring artist Klever Javier Cobena. Drawing inspiration from Tom Phillips “A Humument”,  the artist conveys a dark, mystifying, and gruesome atmosphere, using the contrasting original work of Jane Austen’s “Emma”.  The concept behind both of these works is taking any medium of literature (i.e. a book) and turning it it into something completely new using different design aesthetics and artistic techniques. and  Originally a story of a young girl living in an upper class home in England, Cobena re-works that story with the the intention of driving it as far away from the original concept as possible. Using horror as a medium, Cobena decides to tell a tale of a a gruesome massacre, using only his design aesthetics and few highlighted words already within the pages of the book. Within the composition, a vast majority of the pieces are composed of either black ink, black paint, or black cut paper. Cobena, preferring black as a sort of “negative” color, utilizes materials such as Micron Ink Pens, Pigma Brushes, and Black Gouache Paints to re-work and block out certain words within the pages. With the given emphasis on certain select words that weren’t blocked out, Cobena re-tells the story through the artwork spread throughout the page. Certain examples within “Emma is Still Alive” include pages within like “Here Lies her Sins” and “Vision Of Shadow”, that use overlaps of two pages to create a single composition. Cobena uses nothing more than an exacto knife and a pen to create these overlaps, and express a single idea and theme with an overlap of two pages. Cobena also strongly integrates the concept of certain patterns of staccato nature, and legato nature. Using these concepts, Cobena creates certain moods and certain ideas using patterns differing between these two traits. On one page for example, one can view a sort of blood pattern running down on the words of a page, created using only a colored pencil and an HB sketch pencil. It has a  a flowing, smooth pattern, and gives the viewer that feel and imagery of a bloody mess. On another page, there are images of sharp, jagged edges blacked out with a pigma brush, giving the viewer a sense of danger.  Other design asthetics included with the piece also include ambigeouity, where Cobena utilizes the words on the page to create a layout that is very eye wandering and complex. There are also stable compositions, where he instead makes a focal point on the composition, drawing the viewers attention to a specific spot.

exhibit catalog

This exhibition is presented by the artist Tyler Santiago. Tyler Santiago was born and raised in Ozone Park, New York and still resides there and studies at New York City College of technology. Santiago got the inspiration from Tom Phillips re creation of a book called the Human Document but Phillips called it “The Humument”. Santiago’s title “essence come from part of the actual book he used which was a book written by Tillie Olsen called Silences. Santiago took the word Silences and jumbled up the words to create his title. Santiago made this book into his own creation based on what he learned in his classes Eng1101 and COMD1100. His concepts come from stuff like negative and positive space and juxtaposition the overlapping of something. Santiago used basic materials like rulers, black inking pens, and black inking brush. The first piece of work of Santiago’s book is called “silences” which shows negative and positive space and has a obvious focus point with the circled word silences. The second page that has all the word blacked out except the word “of” is called “isolation”. On the third page is called “Geometry” which shows negative and positive space and it shows geometric shape with a focus point where the word Literature is, and the first 3 pages are suppose to go together. The next page is called “The Beat” which represents a sound wave, which shows staccato. The next page titled “Flakes” which represents variety in size. The next page called “Swirls” represents a pattern of legato movement. On the next page is a piece call “Swoosh” are a bunch of line and in this piece it shows movement, And on the last page Santiago wanted to show what he learned in ENG1101 of Juxtaposition, this piece of work is call “New York”.

Didactic Panels

Panel #1

Tyler Santiago

Born in Ozone Park,                                                                                                         New York, Lives and studies in New York

Geometry, 2015                                                                                                                         Ink brush pen, inking pen, and used hard cover book

In this piece Santiago tries to convey geometric shapes surrounding the word literature, he also tries to convey what he learned in his COMD 1100 class on negative and positive space the book page color being the negative space and the black being positive space and on the ambiguity of this piece.

Panel #2

Tyler Santiago

Born in Ozone Park,                                                                                                         New York, Lives and studies in New York

The Beat, 2015                                                                                                                         Ink brush pen, inking pen, and used hard cover book

In this piece Santiago tries to convey a sound wave to go along his learning of staccato and legato sharp and soft sounds conveyed in a drawing. Santiago’s piece shows his way of seeing a staccato or sharp sounds in his drawing of “The Beat”.


Panel #3

Tyler Santiago

Born in Ozone Park,                                                                                                         New York, Lives and studies in New York

Flakes, 2015                                                                                                                           Ink brush pen, inking pen, and used hard cover book

In this piece of work Santiago shows different variety in this case there are a lot of triangles but not a;ll the same sizes, so the variety is shown by all the different sizes and positions of all of the triangles which to him looks like flakes falling from the sky.