ENG1101 Project #1 (Tyler)

Hi, my name is Tyler Santiago I am 18 years old, I am Puerto Rican but i was born and raised in New York. Sadly i do not know how to speak Spanish wish i did. I’m a very active and athletic person, my favorite sport is basketball but i also play a little bit of football and baseball for fun and I also play softball with my father on his team on Sundays. I am pretty tall my height is 6 feet 4 inches, my friends say I’m a funny guy and fun to be around. putting a smile on someones face or making a person laugh or even making them feel better makes me happy. I was born on April 13th, 1997, i have one older brother by 6 years he’s 24 years old. My family is pretty big. I’m into video games, hanging out with friends, and going to the movies. I like to listen to music, most types of music but mostly old school rap and r&b. I want to get into the advertisement business and i am looking forward for what i am going to learn and take in for these classes and hope it all pays off in the future.

My plan for my future if everything works out in college and i keep up and succeed and graduate is to become a advertising designer for a big company like Sony, Microsoft, or Samsung. It would be even better if i can get a job for one of my favorite gaming companies like Naughty Dog, or Ubisoft. I really hope this all works out for me though because it seems like a fun field to be in but a lot of work that I’m willing to do though. If this doesn’t work out I’m going to have to get a job with my brother doing construction and I’m really not trying to do that, I’m trying to be my own person and make a living for myself. i really don’t want too rely on anybody i hate asking people for favors. I also want to get into editing films,videos, and photos because that seems like a fun thing and useful thing to know for my future.

My profile will convey who i am, what i like to do, my interest, and contact information if any of my classmates has a question about the what was taught in class or about the homework and ill give them my best understanding of it and ill try my best to help with the homework if i understand it myself. On an academic standpoint its going to have all my work that was assigned to me and that is due for this class ENG1101 or COMD1100.


I shared in class most things about me but I left a few things out that I think are important for my personality. First of all pink is not my favorite color if that’s what you’re thinking from my profile picture. The reason why my picture is all pink is because i went on vacation to cancun this summer and I went with about 26 people friends and family and since my mother is a home based travel agent she makes these shirts which happened to be pink this year that has all her business information on it but that sums up why the picture is all pink because thats the way i edited the borders to match my shirt. But i love to travel its like my top favorite thing to do besides playing basketball. Ive been to so many places like Cancun Mexico, Florida, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and more and even more to come, the top 3 places i would love to visit is Australia, Japan, and England. Another thing about me is that i love to smile and laugh if I’m not doing one of those things you already know there is something wrong with me. But i hope thats basically everything if i remember anything ill add it but thats about all there is to know about me.



Discovery: Avatars

Member’s Avatar



  • Sillouette of a man
  • An ipod
  • The color green
  • Looks as if the man is in a dance position


My initial interpretation of Phoenix’s avatar is that he loves music in general. I am familiar with this being an old Apple I-pod advertisement and there is an I-pod in the image therefore concluding music plays a significant role in this person’s life. Im also guessing this person’s favorite color is green just for the simple fact that these ads come in a variety of colors and dance positions but to specifically pick green i think that there’s some relevance. In all, it’s a very symbolic photo.


After reading Phoenix’s bio, I can justify that I was correct on the part that music plays a big role in this person’s life. Phoenix is very much into hip-hop and rap which is where the ipod comes in. It symbolically stands for his interest in the music culture. Phoenix says he sometimes draw rappers and can even have full out conversations soley on that topic. Being a person who’s into design, i can also view how this graphic relates to him. Yes its a simple silouette but there is a very effective strategy to it. For example, the contrast between the figure and the background and the contrast between the figure and the ipod. In addition, colors play a humongous role on emotions and psycology of others so i feel as if this clearly represents who phoenix is as a person and i love the icon that was chosen. Simple yet very much straight to the point.



Discovery: Avatars

Person Avatar: Ayano


What I Observe:


Student uniform

Sharp eyes

Holding a board with Kanji


The anime avatar indicates the user is a fandom of anime.

The student uniform tells me she is a student.

Those sharp eyes to me means she is a careful though and a smart person.

Kanji is a kind of letter uses in Japan. It shows she is a person relates to Japan.


I choose this anime avatar of Ayano to write about is because I love anime and Ayano is also the first friend I made in this college. Those sharp eyes and Anger brows of her anime avatar makes me feel she had a powerful and smart mental, but her one hand is covered on her chest, this action makes me think she also has a weak side not always been strong. The student uniform exactly told me she is a student, and there she really is a college student. Kanji is a kind of letter uses in Japan. It shows she is a person relates to Japan. Judging from her appearance in the class she looks like an Asian, just not sure where she from. If she’s from Japan then the avatar with Kanji is not surprising me.

Connection to the member:

Almost all anime fans are using the anime picture to be their avatars, so I bet for 90% she’s an anime fan and after I read her biography I am more convinced of this and she does relate to Japan. In her biography says she grew up in Japan and her dream is to become an animator who creates anime characters through drawing/digitally. This clearly shows up her ambition and passion for Japanese anime, and I hope she would be succeeded.