Project 2: FINAL!

New York city, one of the most sumptuous cities in this universe. Consisting of surplus people who come from different backgrounds, distinctive cultures, who all hold different values. Contrasted through physical features; black, white, tan,tall, thick, skinny, but still remaining as one. New York is an overlap personified and has been for many centuries. Despite differences, people come together through an aesthetic consensus which eventually varies from generation to generation. Ultimately, the aesthetic of older generations revolved around large scale public works in comparison to today’s generation who’s aesthetics are based more on public art. Although they are two different views they can be found in overlaps.

In the past, New York was never as upgraded and innovative as it is today. In fact, New York’s progressive era did not begin until the 20th century. But through out this period, the country’s economy hit a crisis on October 19, 1929 known as The Great Depression. The crisis caused many negative factors to outburst such as deflation, a drop in demand for credit, disruption of trade and ultimately a widespread of poverty and unemployment. In response to this crisis, A New Deal was proposed and the birth of The Public Works Administration (PWA) was created. Seeking to revive the country’s economy, the PWA provided numerous jobs dealing with the building of public infastructures. In all, the PWA helped build the economy, provide people with a better way of living, and introduce prominent structures that were much needed. Projects that provided public welfare was aesthetically pleasing for this time, especially since the country was in need of all the help possible.

Present day, aesthetics aim toward public art. Introduced by The New Deal, public art carries a whole new genre today. In the past, it was predominatly used for propaganda purposes. Current time, it is used as an outlet to engage people with reality and provide conceptual messages. An example is Olek Says’: Rule #1 never be #2. This artwork sends a message to viewers about self-exaltation. Olek connects individuals to reality by reminding that there are people out there who suffer from self abasement. To interpret the concept, critical thinking is involved. One viewer may interpret and apply this message personally or another may ponder about the treatment of others. There are numerous assumptions that can be made. Artwork of all mediums can be found throughout the city whether its murals or sculptures themselves. Benches in Brooklyn Bridge park consist of weird shapes and colors, the Brooklyn Queens expressway underpass is home to two beautiful murals. It is evident today’s generation finds incorporating artwork into the public domain visually appealing and significant in keeping humans aware.

Despite the distinctive aesthetics, they can be found overlapped in current day. A great example that showcases an overlap are the “YES!” murals located under the BQE underpass. The works from the new generation literally overlap the BQE which in fact is a prominent structure to NYC. Although both overlap, they work together to create emphasis on one another. The color from the mural helps the underpass stand out while the large scale of the underpass helps to project the mural. This is how using both artistic tastes can balance each other out while still upgrading the overall look. The overlap generates more audience from all over. In a conceptual way, the underpass is like a doorway into Dumbo.  In a reading titled City Limits , Colson Whitehead writes “The city also puts a lot of effort into making your hometown look really drab and tiny”. This line showcases that regaurdless of generation, the focus is to make the city appear superior and utopian. 

Throughout time New York has lived to see many phases go by. Whether it was the 20’s, or the 40’s or the 70’s, New York has survived many marks and scribbles from countless generations. That being said there are overlaps all around us but sometimes arent that noticeable to the eye because they work seamlessly into your mind. There is a balance between what is and what was and together those two things will always coexist side by side. Like Whitehead says “The city saw all that. Remembers too.” (City Limits, 9) That quote displays how the city has been through history of all kind and remembers through various stains left behind.\

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pre¡req¡ui¡site noun, adj.
pronounced: (prēˈrekwəzət/)
Something that’s necessary and required prior for something else to occur.
I first heard of this word when I had attend the registration workshop. I also learned about it there. But last week during English class, the term had also came up when Prof. Rosen quickly mentioned classes and registration. Some classes are needed before others is what this means in college terms.

project 3: pitch (first draft)

The average person often finds theirselves living in a routine. Whether it’s school, work, family etc, humans all have liabilities. Having very little leisurely time can seem to become a burden on many. But in a time of need, Right Route offers the foundation for a vibrant happy day. Using information on your current mood, Right Route incorporates time, visuals and distance to create an overall goal which is happiness and relief from daily troubles.

Today’s focus is on students. Students on a daily are significantly focused on taking the fastest route. Due to choosing the fastest route, environmental factors become muted out but with an extra ten to fifteen minutes the experience can become breath taking. A student who everyday walks from Jay Street Metro Tech train station to City Tech is only geting a block’s worth of what this world has to offer. That is when Right Route will suggest a peaceful naturalistic walk from Carroll Street to City Tech.

Saturation Studies: Phase 2

image image image

Through all phases of project #4 (chromatic Studies, muted Studies, and prismatic studies), I realized to understand them well you should know two things, they are value and saturation. My understanding to saturation is pure and intensity of the color, and value means lightness and darkness of the color. After memorized these two artistic vocabularies, they helped me better to understand the color mixing since I started painting. I think the most challenging step was when I had not enough color for my compositions, so I had to mix it more, but it is really hard to mix a color to be exactly the same like the color I mixed before. Each of them took me around 3 hours to finish. Since after the project #3, I’m glad to have another chance to work on painting physically, I can feel the improvement of my painting skills, and also the knowledge of color mixing.

Project 3: Final Pitch

The average city person often finds theirself living a routine. Whether it’s school, work, or family, humans all have liabilities.  But in time of need, Realm Route offers the foundation for a vibrant happy day. Using information on your current mood, the app incorporates time, visuals and distance to create the holistic goal of relief and happiness. Achievement can be obtained by choosing routes that are tranquil yet nature filled. In comparison to urban environments, nature pathways offer greater cognitive therapy for a person’s well being.

Daily, students select the fastest route as opposed to the the more beautiful route, on their way to school. While arriving faster does have its benefits, choosing a route that emphasizes visual aesthetics provides more optimism. The sample route from the app exhibits a morning route for a City Tech student. Beginning in Carroll park, students will walk across and exit on court street. This starts an atmosphere flooded with greenery while remaining quiet. Up one block, a right is taken on to union street and goes continuously straight then a left on Bond street. Union and Bond streets offer a narrow condensed feel that works well with trees along the sidewalk. The closeliness of trees give a greener effect emphasizing nature. Then, a left on Pacific and a right on Hoyt street. Four blocks up, a left is taken on Livingston and finally a right on to Smith street which becomes Jay street. All streets on this route contain plants, trees and homes that add an earthy feel due to their shades of brown and green.  Carroll gardens is a great neighborhood for a quiet walk alone which is why our app proves to be number one. A peaceful area surrounded with plant life on every block is just the right antidote for every individual needing a peace of mind.

City people are more prone to rumination, a mental state where humans constantly ponder all the wrongs in their lives. This constant negative thinking can trigger serious depression or worse. A New York Times article about an experiment conducted by Gregory Bratman, a graduate student from Stanford University, discusses effects of nature on the human mind. Results revealed “Volunteers who had strolled along the quiet, tree-lined paths showed slight but meaningful improvements in their mental health”. The sample route provides just that, making users not only see the beauty, but feel it aswell in their mental being. Improvments in mental health can relieve depression and boost a person on all levels. Another article published by Nature Daily covers the topic of how eco environments can improve health. The article mentions a study peformed by the University of Essex where one group of people take a walk in nature and another in a mall. Afterwards studies revealed “taking a walk in nature reduced depression scores in 71 percent of participants”. As shown, the effects of nature are strong and stand as positive influences on people. As far as taking a walk in a mall, “22 percent of them actually felt more depressed.”

A person’s happiness is linked to having great mental health. A way to achieve this is through Realm Route and walking pathways that offer botanical yet tranquil atmospheres. Positive effects on a person’s well being affects them on every level from emotional, mental, physical, and psycological. If ten minites out a person’s routine can offer health benefits then why not start living a healthier life with Realm Route.

Saturation Studies: Phase 1


My concept for my color wheel was a sun, because since the sun gives light, color, and not to mention UV rays, I thought it would be a good idea to give it a good concept on about light and color. Drawing the sun in the center was a struggle due to the fact that it was difficult to tell if was placed in the center correctly and getting the size of each triangle evenly correct. The colors were a little bit of struggle, what was hard was getting each color to be exact or somewhat exact at least, but they turned out pretty well. It took me about 2 hours and a half all together.

Sound Visualization: phase 2

The inked mashup of both legatto and stacatto took me about 2 1/2 hours. I first had to create my layout and measure boxes for accuracy. Then with a very light pencil I drew each composition one by one. After wards I used my pigment liner and brush in order to fill in my designs with black. After all that was done I made sure to let my artwork dry over night before erasing the lines which made up the layout so therefore each staccato and legatto would create a border for themselves since they juxtapose. I would post a photo on to this post but i am unable to so I will have a clickable link to my artwork once i upload it to my e-portfolio

The Pitch

You only live once thus you need to break off from your everyday routine and do new things every day, try new things, see new things. Enjoy life for what life is. And with this app it does just that. This app (The Beauty Finder) takes you away from your everyday boring walk to school and leads you in a new walk that will excite you and appreciate the way our planet really is. Although walking along Jay Street is the fastest way to get from the A/C/F/R station to City Tech, a route that passes Bridge Street, Hoyt Street, and Jay Street would be a better way to start the day because it offers The Beauty Finder users beautiful inspiration.

When you’re walking in a city, your experience could change completely just by a wrong turn in a single block. One minute you’re walking along a crowded artery, the next you’re on a quiet residential street. In New York, there are so many different views and places all in one spot due to the diversity of this great city. Some people probably develop favorite routes, from either getting to and from their home to their work, school, and even the local grocery store. However when it reaches the time to go somewhere unfamiliar, like in a new neighborhood or city. Now what do you do? Which path do you take? You can look on a map or you can just type in your new destination it on your smartphone. But what you don’t realize is that will show you the most direct way from where you are to where you are going. Now some people may say that’s a great thing, they want to get to their destination as fast as possible, but what they also don’t realize is they are missing out on all the beautiful things they could see if only they spend an extra 20-30 minutes on their route to their destination. Does that faster route and smaller roads mean beautiful gardens or garbage and rats? It’s impossible to tell. Until now with The Beauty Finder.

They are so many beautiful routes you can take around New York City that will worth your wild, but the main focus today is a beautiful route from Hoyt – Schermerhorn, Brooklyn, NY, United States, to New York City College of Technology. By using The Beauty Finder, I will show you why you should invest your time in an extra 15 minutes of your daily routine from the train station to City Tech.

Instead of getting off the train at Jay Street MetroTech Station and walk for about 3 minutes to reach city tech, let’s take a new route and see the beauty around the City Tech Community. This new route will only take you about 16 minutes, 13 minutes more than your usual walk to school. While on this new route you will see so many beautiful things you have never seen or even know about. This walk will worth your wild. You can walk this route both in the day and in the night. In the day you see everything every little details; the beautiful buildings, streets, trees, art on the walls and much more. In the night, you see the beauty of the lights as it sparkles in your eyes. In addition to this route’s beauty, aren’t you hungry in the morning or even in the afternoon after a long day at City Tech? Well this route offers you a range of restaurants and fast food chains where you can grab a quick bite to eat or even sit in for a while. Walking through Fulton Street, you can sit down and eat a delicious pancake or whatever your taste buds are craving that day at IHOP. Or if pancakes aren’t your thing, maybe a quick bite of Burgers and Fries suits you better or even Chipotle right in the middle of Jay Street and Bridge Street, called Metro Tech.

This part of the City Tech neighborhood is very busy, which is part of the reason why there are such a high number of restaurants so close together. When you first walk through the center, you are greeted by the beautiful pleasant scent of the Chipotle Mexican grill restaurant. Also when you’re eating don’t you want to look at something beautiful instead of burying your face in your smart phone? That is why this section has put a lot of expenses in constructing this business site so that it creates the beautiful view for people to appreciate as they eat.

Also in this section of this beautiful route you can see the fall season take effect as the trees are stripped from their leafs, as they turned brownish-yellow. You can see them fall from the trees and blown by the wind as the children tried to catch them. You can hear the laughter and yelling of the young children socializing with one another in the park area rather than seeing them on a smart phone like every other place you go. You can also take a breath of fresh air and relax on a park bench and observe the beautiful art pieces that are placed all around the park area. This walk will clear your mind and will make you take a minute to appreciate the beauty of this city. And in addition to this new route and seeing beautiful things you will be exercising by walking an extra 13 minutes which is great for your health!

To summarize why you should take this route instead of your old boring two-minute walk from the Jay Street MetroTech train station to City Tech, this new walk you will show you the beauty of the City that will make you appreciate waking up in the morning and coming to class. This walk will give you a chance to unwind and loosen up while you gather some thoughts. This that is very helpful, especially for someone who had a long day and need to take some time to garth themselves back together. Walking and socializing is a great way to relieves stress because you are putting the stressful things aside for a moment and enjoy the time and the things that are around you during that moment. By the time you reach the end of this route and entered the A train, your mind will be at ease because you took some time to slow things down and relax for once. And the best part is, it will only take a short 15 minutes out of your way which is worth the while. For this reason, I would highly recommend that you consider this route for the app The Beauty Finder.