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  • How did you approach incorporating the outside resources into your project?
  • To what extent is your project making a persuasive argument about taking the longer route?
  • Did you meet the requirements of the assignment?
  • If you had more time, what would you change?
  • How much time did you spend on each phase of the project?
  • What did you take away from reading your classmates’ work, from their comments, from my comments, and from class discussions?
  • If you could have changed the assignment, how would you have changed it? What would you insist on not changing?
  • Is there anything else I should know about your work or about you as a writer or as a student?

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Project #3 (Revised Final Pitch)

For anyone who lives in the Big Apple, just about everyone has a very dull and customary daily routine. Whether they are on their way to work or school, it’s a very fixed and unchanged commute in the morning. However, why not make the decision to switch it up? Why not trek on the adventurous side and make your morning commute a much more enjoyable and beneficial experience? For those who have the daily commute to the New York City College of Technology, there is that possibility. There is a route that gives you more insight to the hidden beauty of Downtown Brooklyn, and can benefit any commuter both health wise, and mentally.

This route begins at the Borough Hall Train Station, where the 4, 5, 2, 3, and J train are located. You would exit the train station at the Joralemon Street side. Once you exit, you take a right onto Court Street, right alongside the huge courthouse situated there. There are a lot of businesses on this particular corner, consisting of stores like Starbucks, Sephora, Duane Reade, and Court St Office Supplies to name a few. You then take another right at this corner and continue on Court Street. As you continue to walk, you’ll notice a few more businesses like a pizzeria, a Bank of America and a big, beautiful TD bank glass building. This particular building is a glorious piece of architecture, and is quite awe inspiring to see. You will also begin to approach Columbus Park, right next to Cadman Plaza. The Plaza itself is a quaint, relaxing place to be, with benches to relax and the park to see, as opposed to the busier other side of the street, where all the hustle and buzz of business occurs. This park is pretty long, going along for about 5 or 6 blocks. Its very quaint, very clean, and quite beautiful. There are a few bus stops going along it as well. Walking alongside it, one gets a feeling of beauty. even though right across the street are more buildings. However, these are modern, beautiful works of architecture, so it only adds to the euphoria. Once you hit Johnson Street, you take a right, and start to walk along it. You get to walk along side Columbus Park for a few more seconds as it continues on Johnson Street. One block after, on Adams Street, you will arrive at the North West entrance to City Tech, (General Building)

This particular walk consists of approximately 7- 10 minutes, also dependent on how much a person would want to take in on this route. Any individual who decides to commute on this route will not have to sacrifice any travel time, as it is the same amount of time as the shortest possible route from the starting point to City Tech. Therefore, it can be enjoyed without compromise. On taking on this route, an individual will bask in the more eye-catching and beautiful aspects of Downtown Brooklyn. This is one of the few locations where one can witness the architectural beauty of modern day New York, while at the same time basking in the trees, flowers and organic beauty of nature, hence Columbus Park. This brings a wondrous benefit, as it is actually scientifically proven that being more in tune with nature on a daily basis (especially people who live in the city) are less prone to depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. This was written about in a New York Times article “How Walking in Nature Changes The Brain”, by New York Times reporter Gretchen Reynolds. It talks of a study performed, where a group of students from Stanford College in Connecticut, were told to commute to school on different routes with different environments. One group walked on the “more natural side” of the Stanford School, where there were many trees, flowers, and more nature. The second group commuted on the side with heavy traffic and city buzz, and with no aspects of nature present. Those who commuted on the greener side had a much more productive and happy day than those who stayed on the city ridden route. This route to City Tech implicates nature aspects with the stroll through Columbus Park, giving the commuter those same benefits of having a more enjoyable and productive day. This particular park is excellent for commuting through, as its very clean, lively, and full of green. The website FourSquare features many ratings from many different people, describing Columbus Park as “beautiful, with lots of green space and very fun” It receives an average rating of 8/10. So, Columbus Park is the perfect place to get some fresh green air while commuting to City Tech, while at the same time being able to admire the architectural marvels of Downtown Brooklyn, and add to the euphoria.

Making that slight change to your everyday routine can really make a difference in your day, and even your life. What could be better than basking in life’s natural beauty, while at the same time giving yourself a break from the stress and anxiety of being a New Yorker. The city that never sleeps doesn’t have to be the city that stress you out. Its the small things that give an individual a sense of appreciation and a new outlook on life, giving you the boost to say “Today, is gonna be a good day”.

Project 3: Final Pitch

The average city person often finds theirself living a routine. Whether it’s school, work, or family, humans all have liabilities.  But in time of need, Realm Route offers the foundation for a vibrant happy day. Using information on your current mood, the app incorporates time, visuals and distance to create the holistic goal of relief and happiness. Achievement can be obtained by choosing routes that are tranquil yet nature filled. In comparison to urban environments, nature pathways offer greater cognitive therapy for a person’s well being.

Daily, students select the fastest route as opposed to the the more beautiful route, on their way to school. While arriving faster does have its benefits, choosing a route that emphasizes visual aesthetics provides more optimism. The sample route from the app exhibits a morning route for a City Tech student. Beginning in Carroll park, students will walk across and exit on court street. This starts an atmosphere flooded with greenery while remaining quiet. Up one block, a right is taken on to union street and goes continuously straight then a left on Bond street. Union and Bond streets offer a narrow condensed feel that works well with trees along the sidewalk. The closeliness of trees give a greener effect emphasizing nature. Then, a left on Pacific and a right on Hoyt street. Four blocks up, a left is taken on Livingston and finally a right on to Smith street which becomes Jay street. All streets on this route contain plants, trees and homes that add an earthy feel due to their shades of brown and green.  Carroll gardens is a great neighborhood for a quiet walk alone which is why our app proves to be number one. A peaceful area surrounded with plant life on every block is just the right antidote for every individual needing a peace of mind.

City people are more prone to rumination, a mental state where humans constantly ponder all the wrongs in their lives. This constant negative thinking can trigger serious depression or worse. A New York Times article about an experiment conducted by Gregory Bratman, a graduate student from Stanford University, discusses effects of nature on the human mind. Results revealed “Volunteers who had strolled along the quiet, tree-lined paths showed slight but meaningful improvements in their mental health”. The sample route provides just that, making users not only see the beauty, but feel it aswell in their mental being. Improvments in mental health can relieve depression and boost a person on all levels. Another article published by Nature Daily covers the topic of how eco environments can improve health. The article mentions a study peformed by the University of Essex where one group of people take a walk in nature and another in a mall. Afterwards studies revealed “taking a walk in nature reduced depression scores in 71 percent of participants”. As shown, the effects of nature are strong and stand as positive influences on people. As far as taking a walk in a mall, “22 percent of them actually felt more depressed.”

A person’s happiness is linked to having great mental health. A way to achieve this is through Realm Route and walking pathways that offer botanical yet tranquil atmospheres. Positive effects on a person’s well being affects them on every level from emotional, mental, physical, and psycological. If ten minites out a person’s routine can offer health benefits then why not start living a healthier life with Realm Route.

Project 3: Revised Pitch

Everyday when we’re off to our destination, we are always taking the same route either on the train, bus, or driving, and seeing the same thing. When traveling, we never really take our time to pay attention or take in what’s around us. We’re use to seeing the same things around us that most of us don’t pay attention to the nature, it’s beauty, and the environment. With the app of  “Walk n’ Nature”, you’ll be able to walk to your destination while also being able to see the nature around you.


One place that will be introduced in the walk will be Columbus Park on Court Street. Starting from the Namm building of City Tech on 300 Jay Street, go south on Jay Street and go towards Johnson Street/Tech Plaza. Turn right onto there, then turn left onto Adam Street/Brooklyn Bridge Boulevard. Turn right towards Adam Street/Brooklyn Bridge Boulevard and then turn another right onto Adam St/Brooklyn Bridge Blvd. Turn left onto Johnson Street, then turn left at Cadman Plaza E, then walk down a little more and you’re at Columbus Park. When you arrive there, you’ll also be able to sit and relax and take in the nature that surrounds you. You’ll see mostly trees and see that it makes a pathway. You’ll also see a fountain that is surrounded with plants. Not only that, but you might also be able to see a farmers’ market. This park gives you the sense of openness and space.  


Exiting from Columbus Park, you can head down to Cadman Plaza Park which is only eight minutes away. When exiting, head east, then turn left on Cadman Plaza East. Turn left onto Tillary Street, then turn right, take a left turn, and then take another right. From where you are, the park should be on the right. When you are in Cadman Plaza Park, you are surrounded with nature. Depending on the season, you might get a different feeling of the park. If you go in the summer and spring time, you’ll see all the trees filled with green leaves and see the different type and colors of flowers that are bloomed. If you go in the fall and winter time, you’ll see that the leaves have changed color and it’s all falling. In some parts of the park, you might feel an eerie sense. From all the trees that are in the park, it’s like a small forest. The walkway in the park also makes it feel like a forest. There are benches in the park where you can relax. There is also a small grass area/field where you can play any outdoor activities. Since dogs are allowed in this park, you might see people with their dog. Another park that is kind of similar to this is Walt Whitman Park. Just head north on Cadman Plaza East, turn left, turn right, turn left, and turn left again. The park should be on the left. This park also has a path where you can walk through, benches where you can sit and this park has game tables.


The next location that will be introduced is Brooklyn Heights Promenade. The walk here would only take around eleven minutes. From Cadman Plaza Park, head north and make a right turn towards Cadman Plaza E. Turn left towards Cadman Plaza E and make a left onto Cadman Plaza E. Turn left again onto Prospect Street, then turn right onto Old Fulton Street. Turn left to stay on Old Fulton Street and continue to stay onto Furman Street. Turn right and then just turn slightly left. The Brooklyn Heights Promenade is a long platform and a pedestrian walkway. Here you would be able to see Lower Manhattan’s skyline from across. You’ll also be able to see the New York Harbor, Brooklyn Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty from afar. You can sit and watch the view of the river and see some helicopters fly by. The feeling you get from this place is calm and peaceful. You’ll be able to walk on your own pace and see the views around you.


With “Walk n’ Nature” you’ll be able to go to your destination while also getting to be able to see and pass through nature. This app provides you with either choice of a short distance or long distance from your destination. This app will also tell you a little bit of information about the place. You’ll be able to see nature, it’s beauty and the environment around it.

Project #3: revising the pitch (Final)

People always say time is money, especially those who live in a big city. They always thinking of go to their destination as fast as possible. And usually those routes are very noisy, with all those honking sound from cars. However, people might want to try some different route, there could be many beautiful and quiet scenery on the way to your destination, that could make the route totally different than the original route. With the app I’m working on (New Life Routing), User could make this happen easy and simple. Compare to all other routing app, most of them make the route fast and short enough to get to users destination, however what my app does is to make the route a little longer, so the user can see many beautiful scenery, and feel nature quiet and peace, while on the way to their destination.

Taking a route to the destination directly and do what ever users have to do, or spend few more minutes on the way, walk through quiet road and see some beautiful scenery. Think about it, if that day you were in a bad mood, however, you took this extra few minutes detour, and it made your day. Don’t you think that worth a lot? The air people breath everyday in most of the place of big city are not very fresh, by taking these detour people can breath fresher air. People might felt boring when go to same place with same route every time, this app make your route more interesting, beautiful and healthier.

This detour at citytech Namm Hall and our destination is Brooklyn Hieghts Promenate. When walk out of the building, turn left walk to the end of the block then turn right, walk to Cadman plaza, you can see Cadman Plaza Park. There is a big field in the center of the park surround with woods, some people play sport in the field, and some just lay down on the grass reading book. Now turn right walk toward to Johnson Street, there is another park named Columbus park, if you were lucky, you can see pigeons surround those people sit on the bench, waiting for food. Across Cadman Plaza W, walk into Pierrepont street, and keep walking to Monroe Place, you can see a church is at that corner, its appearance is very old. For some people looking at some old building make them feel really peaceful. Keep walking to Henry Street turn left and walk two blocks to Remsen street, then turn right. On this street, its really quiet, not much car drive by, even if they did, they didn’t make much sound, because of the road is very small, they drive very slow. As you keep walking to the end of the road, its a dead end. Here, you can see the whole skyline of Manhattan, and here is most quiet and peaceful place in this detour.

This was a detour was one example from our beta user’s experience. When using the app, user can choose how long do user want to walk, either time or distance. The app will calculate the best route that match to user’s requirement. Users can pick what kind of route theme they want, the app also provide free music that matches to the them user picked. The app often provide special option when user go to certain place in a certain time, such as the app will note user there are restaurant nearby when its time to eat lunch, desert or dinner. The app also calculate the time you will took in this detour, or time how long you have walked in this detour. The app will also tell user about the weather changes. The app has history record, it will save every route users have walked, of course user can also delete the history. It also has suggest caption, such as the best time to go this certain location can have the best experience, it will shows in the description before users start the detour. User can control the app with sound, just like siri or google. However its better than siri or goolge, because it can learn from the user. About what? About what kind of route the user prefer to see and the language users prefer to speak.

When people trying to find routing apps, most of them are provide the fastest and shortest route for user to get to their destination. Now I have made this app New Life Routing which not only make the route acceptable short but also make users’ detour more interesting and enjoyable. And even make their life healthier. Such a incredible app, why not give a try, and don’t forget share it with your friends.

Project #3: (Annotated Bibliography)

8 Places to Find Peace and Quiet in Central Park

This website tells us the 8 peace and quiet places in Central Park. Those 8 places are called “quiet zones”. In “quiet zones”, there are no music allowed; you need headphones for radio; and dogs must always be leashed on the pathway. The website also shows the pictures of the 8 places. The pictures all look green and give us a feeling of quiet and peace. So this website having a stronge connection wth the project#3.

19 Beautifully Isolated Places Where You Can Finally Get Some Peace And Quiet

This website lists 19 isolated places where we can get some peace and quiet. This website doesn’t give out many informations about the places. It only tells the location of the places and shows pictures of the places. If you carefully look at each picture, you would see a common between them. Almost every picture has water(sea, lake). Comparing to the previous website, the pictures in this website don’t have much green, but it still gives us a feeling of quiet and peace.

6 Most Peaceful Places in India

The artical in this website is written by Shubhra Krishan, an editor of a travel magazine. She often meet men and women from other lands who come to India in search of the exotic, the mystic, and peace. The 6 places are Nubra valley, The Backwaters of Kerala, Coorg, Khajjiar, Malana, and Andretta. All the 6 places are in different areas. Some on mountain; some in forest; some on plain; and some near the lake. All of them are realated to quiet and peace.

10 Best Places to Live for Escaping World Conflict

This website lists 10 places that you can escape from the conflicts in the world and get peace. By looking at the pictures of the 10 places, you would find out that they are all nature. You would see a lot of trees, mountains, seas, and lakes sourronding the locatioins. The website talks about the history and culture of the places and how each place is a peace place. After visiting this website, you would want to live in at least on of them.

The longest anyone can bear Earth’s quietest place is 45 minutes

The place in this website is very different from the previous places. It is a very interesting place. This place is called anechoic chamber. It is not natural but man made. As you can see in the picture, it is a room surrounding by somethings look like slabs. It holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s quietest place. In this room, 99.99 percent sound are absored. And we become the sound.  we’ll hear our heart beating, sometimes we can hear our lungs, hear oour stomach gurgling loudly. We may start hallucinating. The longest that anyone has survived in this room is just 45 minutes.


Final Pitch. Project #3

Somehow or some way we all ended in this city and I was one of them. I’m not quite sure how and I most certainly don’t know why but there are things about this city you hate. I hate the fact that the city is full of people that are constantly making noise. People says the city never sleeps. To quote it in my own words, The city never shut the hell up. The voices are so loud and so horribly strong. They never leave you. Even when you get home those voices keeps ringing in your head. In this loud city it’s hard to find a peaceful place. Even at a park there are people like you that complains about noise but making noise at the park. No peace of mind.

We all need a state of peace in our mind. I have made a route which will take you to few of the peaceful places near New York City College of Technology. After you walk out of the Namm building walk about fifty feet until you hit the Tillery street. When you get there cross the street and make a left. Now walk. Walk until you see the Cadman Plaza park to your left. Go inside and walk straight into the green field. Sit right in the middle of the field. Lay down even if you want to. Here you are. Now you can close your eyes are chase your dreams and memories.

In order to get to the next spot get back to Tillery and walk back less than a block. Make a left at Cadman Plaza E. Then you will walk right into the Walk Whitman park. The park is similar to the Cadman park. But it fives you a different feeling. In order to get the third spot you have to get back on the Tillery street and walk till you get to jay street. . Cross the street and keep walking. In no time you will end up at McLaughlin Park is mostly alive with people but they’re not making the machinery city noise like the other people in the city. They are also busy connecting with their inner-self and find their mental peace just like you are.

Next stop is the The Granite Prospect. One of my personal favorite place in New York City. This is where the rocks meets the river. The nature ends and the city starts. It’s a bit of a walk to get there. Walk back to Tillery street and make a right on the first turn. Then walk straight until you get to prospect street and make a left. You will another park on your way to the old Fulton street and when you get there Then turn right on the old Fulton street. Then walking until you hit the DUMBO then make a left. Here you are. The best view. The sanctuary.

One in every thirty eight people in United Stated living New York city.  (Gear Patrol  The New York City Adventure Guide   November 16, 2015 Web. December 18, 2015.)Now that is insane. just the thought of this makes me very claustrophobic. It is no way healthy or peaceful for a human being to spend all his life not taking a break from this crowded city. You might be wondering why? Why is it unhealthy for you or me to spend all his life not taking a break from this crowded city. It is because we are human and that is how we were programmed According to Stephen Kellert, a professor at Yale University’s School of Environmental Studies “Humans have a deep and enduring urge to connect with living diversity,” (Begley, Sharon Do We Really Need Nature?  August 12, 2015 Web. November 18, 2015). Then again you might ask how is it even possible? How is it that we seek the company of nature? Do we REALLY need nature? Is it not SILLY to seek nature? Not really because culture and religion plays a big part in here. No matter what religion you believe in or even heard of (unless if you are in a cult worshiping the devil [which I have no problem with]) you must’ve even get the slightest hint that nature plays a extremely part in any religious systems. “our minds may be naturally more geared to religion than science.” (Dawkins, Richard and  Kelemen, Deborah Is It Silly To Seek Purpose In The Natural World? Updated April 8, 2013 Web November 18, 2015.) A team of researchers in Boston University’s Psychology Department has found that, despite years of scientific training, even professional chemists, geologists, and physicists from major universities such as Harvard, MIT, and Yale cannot escape a deep-seated belief that natural phenomena exist for a purpose. (Boston University College of Arts & Sciences, Even professional scientists are compelled to see purpose in nature, psychologists find October 17, 2012, Web, November 22, 2015) To wrap it all up here’s the golden fruit of the tree so you will jump a little bit higher to reach the fruit. “Risk of stroke, coronary heart disease, depression, and other life-threatening conditions can be greatly reduced through regular outdoor walking….” (University of East Anglia, Sarah Hanson and Prof Andy Jones Step Outside 16 Nov 2015. Web November 23, 2015). Those disease that are listed above are scary enough to make you start running instead of walking. Putting the fear death is not what my intention is but if you can live healthier and longer by walking then why not walk? Health is wealth and you can achieve the wealth just by taking a nice walk.

ENG 1101 Project #3 final peer review

Where do we need to focus in the final revision?

  • thesis statements
    • does it establish an organization?
    • is it relevant to the assignment?
  • incorporating quotations
    • works cited list
    • parenthetical citations
    • do they provide authority?
  • is the route in keeping with the requirements of the assignment?
    • it goes from City Tech to a train or vice versa
    • it remains within a reasonable walk from City Tech

Project #3 the pitch

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. If you take time to really look at simple things you will come to realize that they really are beautiful. The surrounding beautiful, natural scenery spreads out before our eyes. It makes our spirits are cheered up and refreshed. True happiness comes from nature, the peaceful and beautiful environment is indeed enjoyable. Take some time out of the working day to enjoy by walking through into the environment.

This route begins at the General Building, when you exit to the Johnson st and turn right side to the Cadman Plz E. Walk through the Tillary St, the Brooklyn War Memorial will appear in front of you. There have the memorial,that designed by the architectural firm of Eggers and Higgins. Building adorned by two large figures, one at either end of front facade. That depict a male warrior on the left and a female with a child to the right – symbols of victory and family. The other one of my location is Hillside Park, is one of the dog parks in New York City. This park can be the one of the green lungs of an urban area. A walk in the park can calm our strained nerves, which is very quaint, very clean, and quite beautiful.

The other beauty in nature place is Brooklyn Bridge, is a park on the Brooklyn side of the East River in New York City. It’s a recreational, environmental and cultural destination enjoyed by visitors to New York City. There have a perfect view of the Manhattan, when you gaze afar into the Manhattan, the skyline at night from the those Building at Brooklyn Bridge Park. The panoramic view are marvelous. Also, the park have an alley when you walk through the alley, the surrounding view make you feel more comfortable and enjoyable into the nature environment. Looking at beauty in the alley, make me remind to the life is not always perfect. Like the alley, it has many bends, ups and down, but that’s its beauty and silent.

Keep walking to the end of the Brooklyn Bridge Park, you will see the boat ramp on the right side, have the other perfect view of the Manhattan. Then you can completely see the Pier 2 at Brooklyn Bridge Park in front of your face. It is dedicated to active recreation, contains over five acres of basketball, and over half an acre of artificial play turf, fitness equipment, and picnic tables available for walk-up use. A wide promenade wraps around the pier. It is one of the park have perfect promenade view includes the physical exercise fitness equipment and places. This is the different location of other places, is cross-over with physical exercise and beauty-in-nature. There is able to enjoy quietness and provide the area for visitors strengthen muscles & keep fit. It is kill two birds with one stone.

Where the beauty of nature and the freedom to breathe fresh air is all part of what is worth living for. Making the first change of your routine, you will really gains a different experience of your day, while it is the simple easy step. Every step can bring a lot of unpredictable things happen, but never ever stop to find the beauty in nature. Tale a moment to enjoy the beauty of nature, take a deep breath, relax…enjoy the rest of your day.

Revised Pitch project 3

We all go about our lives trying to get to where we need to be. For most people that live in the big city they want the fastest way to their destination. Rather they take a crowded train that causes frustration or dealing with road rage when it comes to heavy traffic, it seems as though people don’t care about how their journey to their destination is. Instead of being surrounded by busy streets filled with honking cars, getting shoved by commuters and listening to all the rowdiness that goes on in the city, why don’t you enjoy a journey elsewhere.Take the time out of your busy day to relax by walking through a change in the environment. Coming later this year, an app called “Serene Crossing” will guide you to a mollifying journey that will fill your heart with ease. Serene Crossing users will go through Cadman Plaza Park, Brooklyn Heights and the Brooklyn Heights Promenade to avoid the noisier areas, one would usually walk through to get from City Tech to the A/C/R trains.


On one of our sample routes, we found a stroll that is pleasant and has a big pay off in seeing the city in a more serene setting. This sample route was taken during the season of autumn and around the time of 2:30pm. The trees in each location had their leaves in warm colors such as yellow red and orange which will provide you with a cozy feeling as you try our route. You’ll first start off by exiting the Namm building of Citytech through the general floor. When you are outside turn left and make your way to the corner of Jay Street. Once you see Mclaughlin Park make another left and keep on going until you hit Cadman Plaza East.


As you venture your way there you will notice that you are moving away from the commotion from the construction site. According to Janice Wood interview with Dr.Marc Berman, he states that “Our study showed that participants with clinical depression demonstrated improved memory performance after a walk in nature, compared to a walk in a busy urban environment”. In other words Dr.Berman believes that walk through an environment with nature is more beneficial than an urban environment. When the mind is in a clear state, the body is able to relieve from stress. Urmet Seepter would agree with Dr.Berman’s statement by saying ”Other benefits include releasing endorphins that can help one diminish constant worrying which also helps with dealing with depression”. Dr.Berman’s and Seepter’s statements agree that walking helps people that are clinically depressed. Everybody goes through stress and stress can lead on to depression. It’s important to keep yourself relaxed when stress comes your way.   


On Cadman Plaza East to your right you will enter through Cadman Plaza Park. Pam Severns agrees when she writes,”Walking connects you to your surroundings and can give you a sense of place”. Severns believes that we notice things we probably haven’t noticed before by allowing our senses to flow as we walk. By walking we our decluttering our minds and get a relax state as a result. When strolling your way through the park enjoy the calm aura of people having lunch on the benches, the mass amounts of trees that engulf you and the sounds of birds chirping.   When you see an open field, in front of it there is a circular flower bed filled with vibrant red yellow and orange flowers. Go around the flower bed and exit the park so you can be on Clark Street and Cadman Plaza West.


Clark Street is part of the residential area known as Brooklyn Heights. As you are walking through Clark street at first you will pass by some sushi restaurants, cafes and lounges. The area has a low noise level so you can have a peaceful meal at one of these establishments. Through Clark Street you will also pass by apartments with gorgeous lobbies, smooth arches on the windows and houses with fine detail on the gates and stairways.Another sighting you will see if you look up in the northeast direction is The Freedom Tower. Once you see Willows Street make a right and continue your way through the calm environment of the neighborhood.


The whole Brooklyn Heights area not only provides people with housing but there is a lot of trees and plants around that gives an inviting feeling into the area itself.The article “Brooklyn Heights Promenade” describes Brooklyn heights as “The adjacent neighborhood of charming brownstone homes and quiet streets is well worth investigating”. Basically, the article is saying that the neighborhood itself doesn’t have much activity so you can enjoy the sights of these living accommodations while strolling your way through. When you see Cranberry Street make a left and walk down to where you hit Columbia Heights.


You will make a left turn and enter through Brooklyn Heights Promenade. This is a nice place to relax yourself whether it be after a long walk or to unwind from a busy day of work. Remember seeing The Freedom Tower earlier? Well as you continue walking downwards, you will reach the destination on our route which is a marvelous sighting of The Freedom Tower along with the whole tip of Manhattan. You will see the prosperous,active city while sitting on a bench relaxing to the sounds of the waves from the East River that separates Manhattan and Brooklyn. From this location you will get to see other landmarks such as the Brooklyn Bridge, Governors Island and The Statue of Liberty. There are many pier ports that are filled with activities such as handball, ice skating, basketball and rock climbing.This location is great to visit throughout all the seasons and is beautiful in both times of night and day. While there is lively activity it doesn’t affect the serene atmosphere from where you are currently at.         

While many apps provide people the quickest way to get to places how about one that offers people a long journey to endure. There’s people that enjoy strolls and like to embrace each moment they experience in it. This app will provide you with plenty of peaceful destinations as well as find the most leisurely route for you. It is just all up to you to make that choice to take in the calm energy around a lovely stroll.