Project #2:Locations

For this Project I chose to go too Brooklyn Heights. Before I left I looked a bit into how to get there using the map app on my phone but otherwise I didn’t use my phone until I got too my location so I could look at all the nice buildings that people get to live in. I got there by exiting the Namm building and turning left down on Jay Street towards Tillary Street. From there I made a left on Tillary until I got to Clinton Street  you know that you’re going the right way because on your left is a small park dedicated to all the Korean war veterans. Keep going on Clinton Street until you hit Pierrepont Street. When i arrived at Pierrepont Street I follow it looking at all the nice buildings and how many of them differ from each other and how much they differ from the buildings I’m used to in Times Square, until I finally arrived at Brooklyn Heights. There you can see the huge differences between the small building in Brooklyn Heights and the huge towering buildings of Manhattan. While I was there I also saw a photograph of the old New York skyline with the twin towers tied to the fence. I thought that it offered a bit of insight into someone else’s New York. It’s also a really nice place where you can just sit and admire the view of the Brooklyn Bridge and the New York skyline.



Project #2: Locations

For this project I chose to the modells on 94-11 Rockaway Blvd. To get to this location you exit out of the Namm building and turn right so you’ll be on 300 Jay street, then from there keep walking straight till you get to the A train, its not that hard to miss because theres a big area for just the A,C and F train and its surrounded by construction and you’ll see people coming in and out of the train. You’re going to want to take the A train heading towards Queens, NY, you then get on the train take it 9 stops going to Rockaway Blvd get off the train and head down the stairs once you are down the stairs you turn right and cross the street and first you’ll see a hotdog stand next to a PC Richards then walk straight across Rockaway Blvd and you’ll see a Dunkin Donuts Then you turn right and walk across Woodhaven Blvd you finally get to the Modells. Which use to be a movie theatre that I use to go to, it was actually the first movie theater i ever went to, so this area brings back memories of when i was younger.

Screenshot_2015-09-29-15-40-49 Directions

Screenshot_2015-09-29-15-03-43 Screenshot_2015-09-29-15-05-18


This is the modells and the movie theatre it use to be.

Project #2: Location

It is Jay street when you walk out of the  Namm building of city tech. Turn left and on your right hand side, it’s the Amalgamated bank. Go across the Tillary street. There is a park called McLaughlin park. You can see people playing basketball and handball there. Next to the park, you can see the Cathedral Basilica of St. James, the the cathedral church of the Diocese of Brooklyn. Keep going straight on Jay street, there is another building of city tech. If you look forward, you will see the Manhattan bright. A lots of people walking on it. Turn right on the Sand street. There is an eyes catching long aisle between two buildings. Keep going down on Sand street, it is Brooklyn bright! And you can see the buildings in Manhattan from there. I think it would be awesome if you look at them at night. Turn left at the end of Sand street, it is the Adams street. There are many cars parking on that street. Keep going forward, there is a big park on the other side called Whitman park. But it is covered by a few buildings. Also you can see some government buildings like US Post Office, Surrogates Court, and Kings Country Supreme Court. Go down to Fulton street, you will see a lots of small restaurants where you can eat after school.



Project #2: Location


I chose Swarovski to be my location. My walk started from our college, New York City Technology College on 300 Jay St Brooklyn, NY 11201. As you turn right you will see a working construction on the right. You keep going straight and there is a family court and Starbucks where most of people get their morning coffee. When you look carefully, each buildings are structured differently. Some are made in glass, and others are made in bricks. You will see on your right hand side, our usual A, C, and F train transportation service, where students and New York citizen use. When you see a clear view from all the clustered scaffolding, you will see Buffalo Boss wings & things store. Yum! You will turn to your left from Jay St to Fulton St, then you will see GAP outlet store near the corner. When you go straight, you will be begin to see many outlet stores such as, Macy’s, Banana Republic, H&M, Tj Max, etc. You will a so see a college called, ASA college. Finally you will arrive to an open area and if you see the right side of the side walk, you will see the location of Swarovski.

It says in the map that walking takes about 10 minutes, however I believe it depends on how fast you walk. It took me about 15 min, because I walked in my pace and I stood in one place for few minutes to capture the image of the location.


Project #2: Phase 1: Location

I choose the nearest Macy to be my location. It takes about 15 mins to get there by walk from City Tech. In order to get to Macy, you have to get out from the exit on the ground floor of the Namm Building. Once you are outside, turn right on Jay Street and start walking. On the way you walked, you’ll pass many bike parking lot also the car parking lot as well. Then you’ll pass a resting area where a lot of people will sitting and eating their lunch and there would be two or three trolleys selling the Mexican food. You will pass the Jay Street Metro Tech subway after that, the next minute you will see the signpost mentioned you are on the cross area of Jay St and Willoughby St. At that time you should realize you have only one more block to walk straight on the Jay St. The next block is Fulton St, turn left  when you get on the Fulton St. This street is mainly for shopping the clothes, so you can see many Clothing stores. As you keep walking, you will pass a McDonald. And Finally, you are there!!!

IMG_5335 IMG_5337

Eng. Project #2: Location

In order to find the overlapping New York I found, you first need to exit City Tech from the Namm building. Once you are outside, turn right on Jay Street and start walking. As you walk for about 5 minutes, you will pass a parking-lot, a Halal Cart, a resting area where a lot of people will be sitting and socializing with their family or friends. Then the Jay Street Metro Tech subway. As soon as you pass the subway about half way through the block, look across the street and you will see the overlapping New York. You will see a tall beautiful building called the  Brooklyn Fire Headquartersand and right next to it you will see a small store name Metro Café.