Saturation Studies: Phase 1


My concept behind this color wheel was to be a heart that was made up of little hearts. In the middle I put the colors that I used to make the rest of the colors within the wheel. Throughout the creation of this wheel I felt nothing but pure joy for the beautiful colors that I made. I would have to say though for me blue was the color I had some struggle getting but eventually I got it. This took 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Project 4: Phase 2 (Chromatic Gray Color Studies 1&2)

Each painting took me about almost three hours. It was hard for me to make the broad color than the narrowed one. I was not really sure about the colors for the narrow high key, because I saw example from my classmate. However,  like how it turned out including the shapes that I picked.

Left: Broad Right: Narrow (High Key)
Left: Broad
Right: Narrow (High Key)

Project 3: Value Added Portraits: Phase 4

In this project, I experienced painting and Photoshop. Before I started this project, I thought I the painting part would most interest me, but after i did the paint, I realize that painting is most challenge part of the project. The most part I enjoyed in is making the 3D image, even though I can’t really see the 3D effect, but I still enjoy of making it, it make me feel I’m professional.