Urban Artifact: Phase 4

What I learned during this project was the difference between a stable and an ambiguous figure-ground. I could have done better if I wasn’t limited to what I could draw. For example I only had 3 objects to work with, if I could have draw freely anything I wanted, I could have done something totally different. From this project I will apply what I leaned to the next by creating stable and ambiguous shapes in the book.


Urban Artifacts: Phase 3

The first one which was the stable piece took about an hour to an hour and a half. The second one which is the ambiguous took around three to four hours. All together it took about four to five hours to complete.


For this project, instead of inking in our ambiguous and stable drawings, we had to re-create using black paper and making cut outs of the objects. This project relates to the previous phase by having the same designs we made but using a different method to create it. Instead of inking the drawings like the last phase, we used black drawing paper, cut the shapes, and arranged it how it was supposed to be.

Urban Artifacts: Phase 3


The stable figure took around 30 minutes, the ambiguous took around 45 minutes. I chose this stable and ambiguous to my final project, because these two design is simple to show what I understand of the meaning of stable and ambiguous. Compared to phase 2, it was hard to cut and difficult to make each side looked  like the original drawing.

Urban Artifacts: Phase 3

I chose this stable and ambiguous design, because it intrigued my attention that these two design have a connection. Both designs pulls in each others energy of ground and figure composition. It balances out together since the top design have more ground and the bottom has more figures.

It took me about 3 hours of completing, such as tracing, measuring, cutting, and pasting. I was wondering if I am suppose to outline the measuring.

Final Design
Final Design

Urban Artifacts: Phase 3

My final project consisted of 2 hours work time total. One hour for the ambiguous image and 1 hour for the stable one. Compared to phase 2, this phase of the project required much more detail and focus, in order to achieve a clean, final product. However, both take considerable time, and the illustrations especially, took more work time to complete. I tried to express as much a clear distinction between ambiguity and stable as possible, as seen in the final product.  I also made a slight change to the ambiguous image, where i added some extra detail to make the negative and positive space more balanced.


Urban Artifacts Phase #3


The stable figure took around 40 minutes, the ambiguous took around 1 hour.

In the previous phases, we picked up three objects from the street. We arrange them on a piece of white paper. Then we sketched 6 obvious and 6 ambiguous figure-ground compositions. After, we chose 4 of them and inked them. Finally in this phase, we chose 2 most successful inked compositions to make a cut paper composition. We did it step by step. I think that’s how this phase of the project relates to the previous phases.


COMD1100 Project #1


I chose this stable one because it was simple and it actually shows the meaning of being stable. I chose this ambiguous one because it was my favorite one out of all of them. it was pretty hard trying to cut these pictures out but i tried, its not the best but its something and i worked hard took me at least 2 and half to 3 hours trying to do this.it took a lot of cutting and erasing to get what i got here.

Urban Artifacts Phase #3


The reason I chose the ambiguous drawing I did was because I thought it would be easy. It ended up being the opposite. it was very difficult to make each figure the background made be the exact size it had to be or it just wouldn’t have looked  like the original drawing. The stable one that I chose was fairly simple and I started off with that first because I would give me practice with using the exacto knife. I enjoyed making this project because it really tested my steady hand and patience. this project took me about 2 and half hours.