Sound Visualizations: Phase 3

My sound visualization took about 3 to 3 1/2 hours. The two songs that I chose were Dej Loaf- Hey there and The Weeknd- Rolling stone. I chose Hey there by Dej Loaf because of the Staccato beat it has and The Weeknd because of his smooth, legato notes. The two both represent what we’re searching for and figured they would pair up great.

Project #2: Location (1st and 2nd post)

The location I chose is 116 Jay street. To get here, you exit left from the Namm Building and continue straight all the way, as if you were headed to the Vorhees building, until you hit the Manhattan Bridge. You will  then come to Prospect street, make a right then a left back onto Jay street. There you will see an underpass right under the Brooklyn- Queens expressway. There are two murals across from one another that both read “YES!”. This manifests the idea of overlapping New Yorks and juxtapositions because the murals show great contrast from one another. The mural on the left side has a black background with white text. The text is made from a single line similar to script writing. The mural on the right has waves of water as a background and an octopus’ tentacles form the word “YES!”.  The mural on the right also contains lots of colors, patterns and textures in relation to the left mural which is simple, black and white. Juxtaposition can also be seen when comparing architecture versus street art. At the location, the main sensory experiences I had were visual and auditory. Visually i got to see the murals and the location all around me. there were many cars parked on both sides and very little pass there. If you do see people it’s usually construction workers or photographers. There is more artwork as you walk along that area. Lot’s of beautiful artwork and inspiration all around. Galleries and all, if you haven’t gotten this way  towards jay street check it out. 🙂

20150929_120148Marcus location


Introvert (

A psychological term that refers to a person’s way of being. An introvert is someone who preoccupies their own throughts and feelings while also minimizing their contact with others aswell.

Ex. “Rebecca is such an introvert, all she does is stay home all day and talk to herself” 

This term term was stumbled upon when i was viewing an artwork. Underneath, a question asked whether it (the artwork)  was introvert or not. I then researched what this meant because I myself could not answer the question because I knew nothing of what those terms meant. After searching I’ve come to discover that the word is associated with psychology and social behaviors. Introverts tends to keep to themselves and are inside thinkers.


Arbitrary (adj.)

Based on random choice rather than any reason.

Ex. “Rosa was very arbitrary while picking the first chocolate out of the Valentine’s box; she covered her eyes and chose” 


This term was stumbled upon while watching an interview on Youtube. The person was explaining their method for choosing products in a store. I was very intrigued to discover what the word meant and figured this can be applied in the glossary to incorporate into our vocabulary.

city limits summary

The chapter “City Limits” in the novel, The Colossus of New York by Colson Whitehead, talks about how things are not what they seem. Whitehead talks about how city life is very fast paced always updating in terms of indistrilization. This advancement in industrilization ultimately causes there to be many versions of the same place because everyone has their own photographic memory of what was there prior to that. Old timers may roam around New York city viewing everything as nostalga. From the day a person starts exploring the concrete jungle, their own private map begins to develop. I can relate to this for example, my high school got rid of its old building sophomore year and built a more up to date, modern school. Every day after school i would walk past where the old building was located and can visually see everything how it used to be. Across the street in front of the Pita Grill on 57th street, there would be a flood of teenagers of all kinds but now everything is so gone and forgotten. Although things have changed i can still look at these places and picture what was there during MY time. That is why there are no city limits because cities are the number one places that continue to evolve in comparrison to a rural lifestyle where things usually remain the same over generations. That is why Whitehead describes New York as a city containing 8million cities because everyone’s template of what New York looks like or what its made of is different in everyone’s perspective. Another thing is when Whitehead mentions how someone is not a New Yorker unless what was there before is more solid and real than what is there now is very true. If what was there before is more vivid to what is there now means you have watched that part of New York City grow, evolve and develop into something greater. Seeing what was there before gives you a better understanding of the city’s roots and culture. Being able to reminise and imagine the past is being able to look back into history and time, do not take that power for granted for what’s gone can always remain if you learn to appreciate whats there now.

English Project #1 introduction: final

Marcus is my name and art is my purpose in life. Since young it was merely impossible to contain my joy for art and that applies to all fields. Childhood days were spent creating folders upon folders filled with drawings, paintings, sketches, outlines, other days were spent teaching myself Photoshop and convincing my mom to pay monthly so I can have a website. No matter what, I have a great appreciation for all things in life no matter how minor or grand; I treasure every single second and every single last thing this life has to offer from eyesight to friends to family to forests to mountains I hold it all dearly to my heart. My aesthetic reaches beyond the comprehension of many because I love putting myself in other people’s shoes. After studying photography in the High School of Art and Design, that’s what I aimed to do, Put myself in the shoes of numerous people, that was obtainable through visual communications. Learning how, what and why placement, color, shape, line, medium, dimension etc. Is going to affect another person is what i strive to learn through comd1111 because that’ll overall help my understanding with people and can build my art to be more audience friendly. Comd1111 English is also a significant part to my growing experience because learning to communicate away from artistic terms and more in an analog way will help communicate when visuals are not present.

My avatar for this site is an image of me sitting on the edge of a waterfront. Because of editing, the photo appears to be silhouette and it doesn’t seem like water but more like grassy land which i love. Me, in comparison to the buildings in the back, look huge which conceptually i like the idea of me taking over the world. This avatar represents me because i am always Misunderstood and a hard person to figure out. Being alone and contemplating life can be my tranquility and here is what i see, peacefulness. Also the fact that i set high goals to conquer everything that comes toward my way can be represented through my large scale versus the landscape’s small scale. Others may think I just like to be alone or am very dark because the image overall is dark and shadowy.

I love to learn and get inspired, it gives me a feeling of productivity. Aside from that i enjoy bike riding, photo-shoots, running, desserts, shopping, traveling and most of all bringing out the best in others whether its through laughter or motivating them to go further, i love to assist people.