Color harmony: Phase 3

Proportional Color invetory
Proportional Color inventory

For this phase of the project, we visit the Cooper Hewitt museum as a class trip. Here we explored many fields of art from graphics, sculptures, textiles, motion graphics, architecture, and so on. We were to use an inspiring piece of art found in the museum that also fit our selected theme for our humument books. My book in specific talks about a journey and I am juxtaposing that with the theme of memories. There is a relation but big difference between a journey and a memory. While on journey, a person’s experience is physical  and fruitful. A memory on the other hand is a mental experience which we feel emotionally not physically. I also chose to articulate various memories of people from different walks of life to emphasize the differential between people. My book on the other hand shows how people can sometimes be all connected. I chose this as reference for my color inventory because when I first looked at it my mind suddenly became clear and peaceful. The peacefulness perceived from the blue allowed my mind to relax and reminisce. I’ve learned different shades, tints of blue can emit different emotions and this blue specifically gives a tranquil, relaxed state of mind. Although it’s peaceful the feeling of assurance is also provided. This part took me about 2 hours 20 mins.


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