Color Interaction Parings: Phase 3


I thought this project was fun. For this project, Klever and me picked a color that represents us for the color and the logo. These logo and color have to represent our personality which is yellow at the logo, because we are positive, clarity, energy, optimist person.  Then Klever chose the blue color that represents my personality such as bubbly, reserved, shy, etc. I never think I’ll be a blue color person, that is the first time someone say it. In my observation, Klever is a talkative, positive, optimistic person, when I see the meaning of an orange color, the color is represent his personality very definitely. After that, we had to come up some idea for the logo, than I saw his necklace which was a bird from the movie (hungry game). I came up some idea like phoenix or bird that prominent his personality, because Klever has leadership at the class participation. When I used to draw the logo of the illustrator, it took me half hour to finish it. I know how to use the illustrator that is more helpful and save a lot of times to create it. I really liked this part of the project 5, and thank you to my partner Klever who understands and help me a lot of this project.

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