Preparing for the ENG 1101 final exam

Skim the reading

  • look for names or dates or quotations that stand out
  • who/what/when/where/why
  • important or key words
  • main idea–underline or circle
  • underline words you don’t know to look up after skimming

Reread the text to annotate it:

  • paraphrase difficult ideas
  • list main idea of each paragraph–in the margins
  • number the paragraphs
  • vocabulary!–write in the definitions and make sense of the sentences with your new understanding of the words
  • what is the thesis of the reading?
  • what controversies does it address?
  • try to anticipate the questions
  • what would you quote to support an answer to the anticipated questions?
  • parallel experiences

Add to these ideas in the comments!

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