Glossary Write-Up

As the glossary assignment indicates, you will need to write a final post to reflect back on the glossary entries you’ve completed this semester, to facilitate my finding all of them, and to make it easier for us to share the entire glossary with each other and anyone else interested.

Before you write this final post:

  • I strongly encourage you to revise individual glossary posts to correct any misspellings, typos, or incorrect, incomplete information. Check that they each have the category Glossary, any tags for the title of the text or class topic they come from , and any other tags you want. Be sure to include a comma between tags when you create them so you don’t create one giant tag that only applies to one post.

Please write a post that includes the following information:

  • Give it a title
  • Choose the category Glossary
  • Choose the tag Glossary Write-Up (look for that tag and choose it), along with any other tags you find appropriate
  • In the post, make a list of the 15 or more words that you included in your glossary–just the words in a list.
  • Then hyperlink each word to its glossary entry post.
    • To do this, highlight the word, then click on the link icon
    • Paste in the address for the post you wrote about that word
    • Click Add Link
  • Then write a reflection about the glossary assignment for the semester. Think about how it affected your reading process, your comprehension, your coordination with classmates for this crowd-sourced project, etc. This should be approximately 250-300 words.
  • Due date: 12/18/15

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