Color Interaction Parings: Phase 3

color interaction paring

Colors indicate different things, such as emotion, feeling, and personality. From this project, I learn to discribe a person by using colors instead of using literature words. I chose dark blue as a representation for my partner. His first impression to me was he is a calm person who good at observing people. And after comprehend more about him from the conversation, I convinced I was right. Considered he took phycology in high school, enjoy in reading books  more than entertainment with others, and likely isolated himself from people, I determine he is an introvert with sensitive feeling, intelligent but mostly used it for himself only, don’t easily show expression or feelings because of too calm.  According to these observations I chose for him dark blue, a color mixed of blue and black. The logo I chose for him is an eyeball, eyeball represents mystery, he’s  fully surrounding by it, another reason is because he can’t stop  observing people so I believe the eyeball is the best logo to indicate him. We spend about a half hour to finish everything. It’s a interesting project, and I learned new knowledge of colors.

5 thoughts on “Color Interaction Parings: Phase 3”

  1. The color combination and the simultaneous contrast is interesting., along with the fact that one icon is flat and the other is not. The laptop appears darker against the lighter green background, and has a 3-dimensional quality to it as a result too, while the eye appears lighter against the darker blue background.

  2. Simultaneous contrast is very interesting. Your color of turquoises green and the dark violet made it work just fine. Your logo works also since, you must use an eye to see a computer screen. However, how does an eye represents your partner? I think an eye means that your partner is very observant. Above all, nice work!

  3. I really like the computer icon, it is really neat, however, I think the eye needs a little more work, like making the curves smothers. They look rough to me. Other than that, everything else is great. The icons color looks different, which is the goal. Nice job.

  4. I really like the way you gave color a deeper meaning in your introduction. At first I was scared the eyeball wouldn’t make the simultaneous contrast work because of the thin outline but the iris fills up the space nicely so that it still works. I have to say really nice color and logo choices you’ve done for each other.

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