project 4: humument (didactic panels)

Marcus Ceron

The land before time

Ink brush on paperback book page


In recreation of Tom Philips’ humument, Ceron produced a story only using image and text. Inspired from the human life span, his story touches on topics of time and regrets. Achievable through value and contrast Incorporation of stopwatches connect harmoniously with the text leaving viewers with a message of their own.


Marcus Ceron

Glistening love

Ink brush on book page


Using the method of blocking out words, Ceron invents a graphics related poem. Themes of passion, love and nostalgia are experienced throughout allowing viewers to connect a story of their own. Glistening love signifies purity and passion at its finest.


Marcus Ceron

Tinted love

Ink on bookpaper


Not every love is the same. Love varies between friends, family, significant others and even pets. To symbolize variations of love, Ceron illustrates repitition of hearts each distinct from the other. 

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Certified photographer, Beauty retoucher, graphic designer, and artist

1 thought on “project 4: humument (didactic panels)”

  1. Be sure to categorize your work so I can find it! I have our site set to not permit uncategorized posts, so I’m not sure how yours was published, but you can edit it and add ENG 1101 Project #4 to the category for this and for any of your other work on this specific project.

    Your didactic panels are short of the exactly-60-words requirement. That means you have space to expand on what you have written already. Without looking at the pages along with the panels, I’m not sure I can offer suggestions about what to add, but I can let you know what needs more explanation:

    *In the first panel, what principles of graphic design do you use? What about the words makes them about life, time, and regret? Life seems very general–would you be comfortable removing that and addressing how the artwork and poetry represent time and regret? As you get into more details, you might want to remove “leaving viwers with a message of their own” since it is so general. What could you say instead that is specific to the theme and techniques of this page?
    * in the second panel, again, I don’t know that there is value in such a general claim about “allowing viewers to connect a story of their own.” What about your story and art will viewers connect to? What exactly is “glistening love”?
    * in the third panel, how do you depict repetition of hearts? Is there a pattern? Do you use color? Do you vary the size? Think about how you can incorporate some of your graphic design terms here.
    * as you revise, be sure to proofread as well to make sure your work is as polished as possible.

    If you have any questions, reply here.

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