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The artist Brandy Ortiz was born on 1997 in New York, NY. She currently lives and studies in the city she was born in. She was inspired by the works of Tom Phillips in his A Humument book to create compositions that combined linguistic language and art into three pages of her vision. Tom Phillip was an English artist who purchased a cheap book to use as the basis of an art project known as A Humument. Behind his artwork,  he paints, collages or draws over the pages, leaving some of the text peeking through in serpentine bubble shapes, creating a found text with its own story, different from the original. Ortiz made compositions with themes that juxtapose from the original theme from the novel Brimestone by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. While Brimestone theme was thriller, the artist decided that her artwork would have a softer tone. Within her creation of Glass Child contains Ocean Breeze, Picture Perfect Family, and Love Exists, each having their own messages that relate to a gentle tone.

Ortiz used Pigma Micron Pens(0.2, 0.5 and Brush), Faber-Castell Brush Pen, pencils(HB-6B) and a pair of scissors as her materials for her artwork. For her first design, Ocean Breeze, she shows a silhouette of a boy relaxing in a beach setting with the sun rising. She first made outlines of the boy and the waves by using the micron pens. Afterwards she used the Faber-Castell Brush Pen to ink the ocean and the sun. While having the top half of the page not inked and most of the image within the bottom area leave a visual sense of figure and ground. Figure and ground is the relationship between positive and negative space. The revealed message that the artist created says “Cool dawn air. Hear the surf thundering. Smell the salt air of the invisible ocean beyond”. The boy in the image is taking in the soothing sensation of the environment that the text creates.

For her second design, Picture Perfect Family, she first creates an outline of a frame within the margin area of the page with the micron pens. Next she uses the Faber-Castell Brush Pen to black out the rest of the page leaving out the frame and the revealed text. The revealed message that the artist created says “Family and friends perfectly never changed. Countless dinner parties, weekend parties, living room”. The message conveys a family that enjoys getting together for parties in their living room. A frame is a boundary made from either a rectangle, square or circle that is placed on the edges of the paper or the margins drawn within. The concept behind the frame was to transform the text to make it look like a family portrait since the idea behind the message was family gathering.

For her third design, Love exists, she used scissors to cut out pieces of the page to reveal words from other pages. Instead of blacking out the page to show her message, Ortiz creates a message from cutting out certain words from various pages to show all on one page. The revealed message that the artist created says “Love was fantastic to obtain in the vast world”.  The artist made a heart in the lower left corner of the page while everything was shaded by pencil to show low key. Low Key is when the values of an image are predominantly dark. The idea behind the message was that love is a great feeling to have in the world we live in. The heart shows that love will always be there even when surrounded by darkness. With her vision of the humument, Ortiz wanted to show her ideas of different messages of through the language and the art she depicted. Even though each page had its own concept the overall tone was pleasant.

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  1. I think this is pretty well written and sufficiently fulfills the task requirements. I was particularly fond of the phrase “in serpentine bubble shapes” in the opening paragraph because of how nicely it made that sentence flow together. As for the rest of your writing, the descriptions of each page are all structured so that the method in which the materials are used, what each image is depicting as well as the words emphasized and the concepts of the pages are all expounded upon in a concise manner.

  2. You’ve gotten some great feedback already. You might think about how you can take the ideas in your paragraphs back into your thesis statement to make it more specific–rather than “each having their own messages that relate to a gentle tone,” can you be more specific about the messages each conveys? Also, keep in mind that for this longer piece, you’re really writing about your book project overall, rather than just the three pieces. How can you show them as representative of the overall work you’ve done?

    In your discussion of Ocean Breeze, you have a sentence fragment: “While having the top half of the page not inked and most of the image within the bottom area leave a visual sense of figure and ground.” How can you combine the sentence that follows to integrate the definitions rather than calling attention to them separately? Doing so will make your writing more polished and less like you’re showing what you learned. Can you say more about the words you’ve chosen and the image you’ve created than “soothing sensation of the environment” conveys? You have the space to add a sentence that goes into more explanation of the way the art and poetry you’ve created here represents the theme of your project. In your discussion of Picture Perfect Family, you do this much more effectively, explaining the connections among the frame, the words, and your theme.

    In your discussion of Love exists, you also write about a graphic design concept in a way that seems like you’re including it to show what you know, rather than to use it to effectively explain your work: “to show low key. Low Key is when the values of an image are predominantly dark.” Instead, you could write something like “to show low key, in which the values of the image is predominantly dark. The heart shows that love will always be there even when surrounded by this darkness.”

    You end that paragraph with what seems like a conclusion. Could you make this its own paragraph and expand on the ideas to show the predominant theme throughout your book project? It will be more effective if you can say more than that it’s got a pleasant tone and instead made a more effective argument about love in different forms.

    As you make these revisions, be sure to proofread also, so your work can be as polished as possible. It’s tough to do that with new material you add in as you revise, so be sure to take that into account!

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