Saturation Studies: Phase 4

My thought on this project was, It was actually fun. We finally got to work with color! It was interesting how mixing the primary colors creates new colors.

Phase 1: Color Wheel

In order to create this color wheel I had to use only the 3 Primary colors, (RED, YELLOW, and BLUE). To create the rest of the colors, I then had to mix these colors together to create the secondary colors (ORANGE, GREEN, and VIOLET). And so on.

Color Wheel
Color Wheel

Phase 2: Saturation Studies

I have learned allot from this project, for example how to create Chromatic Gray by mixing the a color and it’s complementary. And I learned how to create Muted Colors by mixing the colors with white, or its complementary.

Phase 3 – Swiss Style Band Poster

This part of this project was fun, I like creating stuff right on the computer, Hence Graphic Designer. It was fun to create this poster because I learned what the old times Band posters looked like. Creating this poster was harder than I thought because I am new to illustrator so it was very frustration. We came up with the name Sour Stare because our colors where warm colors, therefore, we also use different saturations and values of the color orange.

Sour Stare
Sour Stare

1 thought on “Saturation Studies: Phase 4”

  1. Nice work with the paintings and the poster. I like how the sour stare, u used the r to make that vertical line. Was that from your original style of the poster or you made that creation? I also like how you divided each phase and talked about what you have learned. Nice work over all.

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