Saturation Studies: Phase 4

For this project, in the beginning I learned about the different triads of colors which are CYM (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta), RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and RYB (Red, Yellow, Blue). Also I learned about the different levels of saturation for color which are chromatic, muted and prismatic. Mainly the tasks were to make broad and narrow range collages using each level of saturation. At first getting the colors down was pretty difficult because you had to be careful with how much of the complement color you add in to change the saturation. I was very scared of the paint running out in this project. Another fear was making the exact shade of color when I ran out of it. I thought using paint in this project would be a bit easier because in the previous project we used paint. As a matter of fact it was harder because of mixing all the different colors. I find for this project I really need to improve my craftsmanship because the paint didn’t come out as smooth as I wanted it to. The next task was to make a swiss style poster which I found to be pretty simple because at that point I got a better grasp behind the concepts of the saturation levels. The next project I don’t really know what to expect which is pretty exciting because I’ll be learning something new. Hopefully I can use what I learned from this project and previous projects for the next one.


3 thoughts on “Saturation Studies: Phase 4”

  1. I like all of your compositions, they are really good. I also really like the band poster. It I like the colors you guys chose and the design you make in the middle. Very catchy. Awesome job.

  2. Wow, this looks like a English essay, you wrote a lot to tell the reader what you learned. Nice, I totally agree with the paint running out. I believe I have to buy more yellow, since its the luminous color of them all. Also, did you liked painting or the poster better? I am glad that you learned something new and with Illustrator; you will learn that next semester. Really exciting!

  3. I agree with the concerns you had about the paints running out, as I was also wary about not having enough to fill up any given area, and having to mix very particular colors if you did run out, which would be difficult unless you were very precise about your color concentrations. Since we’re beginners in painting, I think that with additional research on painting technique and more practice, it should become a lot easier going forward, at least if you like painting anyway.

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