Saturation Studies: Phase 2

The second phase of our Saturation Studies. Each composition individually consisted of approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes work time each.

image image image

5 thoughts on “Saturation Studies: Phase 2”

  1. I like how, all the colors came out. Also, I noticed that you used more geometric shape than the organic. However, I least you made one that is organic. You have to add in caption, because I do not know which one is which. I can guess at least and are you sure it is in the right order? Nice work!

  2. I like your prismatic, nice color choices, and the shapes of it are like a puzzle, this interests me a lot. For your first two pieces, I’m confusing about which two in those four compositions are broads. From the top two pieces, I believe one piece should be muted, but for now I don’t see it, because muted composition has a higher value, and more saturation. You need some changes on your color for muted.

  3. I agree with Ayano on adding captions because the only one to me that’s really distinguishable is the prismatic collages. I also agree with Jingyi on not being able to tell which is broad and narrow range (even with the prismatic collages).

  4. These are very good, I can clearly tell which is prismatic and muted, but the chromatic is kind of hard to see, they don’t really look like chromatic grays to me. And I also agree with the other students, you should add a caption under each composition.

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