Project 3: Final Pitch

The average city person often finds theirself living a routine. Whether it’s school, work, or family, humans all have liabilities.  But in time of need, Realm Route offers the foundation for a vibrant happy day. Using information on your current mood, the app incorporates time, visuals and distance to create the holistic goal of relief and happiness. Achievement can be obtained by choosing routes that are tranquil yet nature filled. In comparison to urban environments, nature pathways offer greater cognitive therapy for a person’s well being.

Daily, students select the fastest route as opposed to the the more beautiful route, on their way to school. While arriving faster does have its benefits, choosing a route that emphasizes visual aesthetics provides more optimism. The sample route from the app exhibits a morning route for a City Tech student. Beginning in Carroll park, students will walk across and exit on court street. This starts an atmosphere flooded with greenery while remaining quiet. Up one block, a right is taken on to union street and goes continuously straight then a left on Bond street. Union and Bond streets offer a narrow condensed feel that works well with trees along the sidewalk. The closeliness of trees give a greener effect emphasizing nature. Then, a left on Pacific and a right on Hoyt street. Four blocks up, a left is taken on Livingston and finally a right on to Smith street which becomes Jay street. All streets on this route contain plants, trees and homes that add an earthy feel due to their shades of brown and green.  Carroll gardens is a great neighborhood for a quiet walk alone which is why our app proves to be number one. A peaceful area surrounded with plant life on every block is just the right antidote for every individual needing a peace of mind.

City people are more prone to rumination, a mental state where humans constantly ponder all the wrongs in their lives. This constant negative thinking can trigger serious depression or worse. A New York Times article about an experiment conducted by Gregory Bratman, a graduate student from Stanford University, discusses effects of nature on the human mind. Results revealed “Volunteers who had strolled along the quiet, tree-lined paths showed slight but meaningful improvements in their mental health”. The sample route provides just that, making users not only see the beauty, but feel it aswell in their mental being. Improvments in mental health can relieve depression and boost a person on all levels. Another article published by Nature Daily covers the topic of how eco environments can improve health. The article mentions a study peformed by the University of Essex where one group of people take a walk in nature and another in a mall. Afterwards studies revealed “taking a walk in nature reduced depression scores in 71 percent of participants”. As shown, the effects of nature are strong and stand as positive influences on people. As far as taking a walk in a mall, “22 percent of them actually felt more depressed.”

A person’s happiness is linked to having great mental health. A way to achieve this is through Realm Route and walking pathways that offer botanical yet tranquil atmospheres. Positive effects on a person’s well being affects them on every level from emotional, mental, physical, and psycological. If ten minites out a person’s routine can offer health benefits then why not start living a healthier life with Realm Route.

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