Didactic Panel

Xingfu, Ye

Born 1997 in Zhejiang, China
Lives and studies in New York

From reading The House of Memory. Xingfu recreates the page into a image by using Pigma Micron 05 and PITT artist Big brush. To convey life and death in the image, he drew circles and line taps, half of which were filled in with black ink and the other half left blank. The idea was came from the text, the words “dead,” “live” and “spirit”. he’s trying to express that live and death are so close, circles are represent the spirit.

2 thoughts on “Didactic Panel”

  1. I really enjoy how simple and straight forward you were with your didactic. But your write your materials out instead of listing them in their own section. As well you say “he” alot, you should insert your last name where ever “he” is but overall really nice!!

  2. you did great with explaining and being straight forward and not using many words to do so. you get straight to the point you just have some grammar mistakes in the panel but other then that it was great now you just need two more panels and your good to go.

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