Final Pitch. Project #3

Somehow or some way we all ended in this city and I was one of them. I’m not quite sure how and I most certainly don’t know why but there are things about this city you hate. I hate the fact that the city is full of people that are constantly making noise. People says the city never sleeps. To quote it in my own words, The city never shut the hell up. The voices are so loud and so horribly strong. They never leave you. Even when you get home those voices keeps ringing in your head. In this loud city it’s hard to find a peaceful place. Even at a park there are people like you that complains about noise but making noise at the park. No peace of mind.

We all need a state of peace in our mind. I have made a route which will take you to few of the peaceful places near New York City College of Technology. After you walk out of the Namm building walk about fifty feet until you hit the Tillery street. When you get there cross the street and make a left. Now walk. Walk until you see the Cadman Plaza park to your left. Go inside and walk straight into the green field. Sit right in the middle of the field. Lay down even if you want to. Here you are. Now you can close your eyes are chase your dreams and memories.

In order to get to the next spot get back to Tillery and walk back less than a block. Make a left at Cadman Plaza E. Then you will walk right into the Walk Whitman park. The park is similar to the Cadman park. But it fives you a different feeling. In order to get the third spot you have to get back on the Tillery street and walk till you get to jay street. . Cross the street and keep walking. In no time you will end up at McLaughlin Park is mostly alive with people but they’re not making the machinery city noise like the other people in the city. They are also busy connecting with their inner-self and find their mental peace just like you are.

Next stop is the The Granite Prospect. One of my personal favorite place in New York City. This is where the rocks meets the river. The nature ends and the city starts. It’s a bit of a walk to get there. Walk back to Tillery street and make a right on the first turn. Then walk straight until you get to prospect street and make a left. You will another park on your way to the old Fulton street and when you get there Then turn right on the old Fulton street. Then walking until you hit the DUMBO then make a left. Here you are. The best view. The sanctuary.

One in every thirty eight people in United Stated living New York city.  (Gear Patrol  The New York City Adventure Guide   November 16, 2015 Web. December 18, 2015.)Now that is insane. just the thought of this makes me very claustrophobic. It is no way healthy or peaceful for a human being to spend all his life not taking a break from this crowded city. You might be wondering why? Why is it unhealthy for you or me to spend all his life not taking a break from this crowded city. It is because we are human and that is how we were programmed According to Stephen Kellert, a professor at Yale University’s School of Environmental Studies “Humans have a deep and enduring urge to connect with living diversity,” (Begley, Sharon Do We Really Need Nature?  August 12, 2015 Web. November 18, 2015). Then again you might ask how is it even possible? How is it that we seek the company of nature? Do we REALLY need nature? Is it not SILLY to seek nature? Not really because culture and religion plays a big part in here. No matter what religion you believe in or even heard of (unless if you are in a cult worshiping the devil [which I have no problem with]) you must’ve even get the slightest hint that nature plays a extremely part in any religious systems. “our minds may be naturally more geared to religion than science.” (Dawkins, Richard and  Kelemen, Deborah Is It Silly To Seek Purpose In The Natural World? Updated April 8, 2013 Web November 18, 2015.) A team of researchers in Boston University’s Psychology Department has found that, despite years of scientific training, even professional chemists, geologists, and physicists from major universities such as Harvard, MIT, and Yale cannot escape a deep-seated belief that natural phenomena exist for a purpose. (Boston University College of Arts & Sciences, Even professional scientists are compelled to see purpose in nature, psychologists find October 17, 2012, Web, November 22, 2015) To wrap it all up here’s the golden fruit of the tree so you will jump a little bit higher to reach the fruit. “Risk of stroke, coronary heart disease, depression, and other life-threatening conditions can be greatly reduced through regular outdoor walking….” (University of East Anglia, Sarah Hanson and Prof Andy Jones Step Outside 16 Nov 2015. Web November 23, 2015). Those disease that are listed above are scary enough to make you start running instead of walking. Putting the fear death is not what my intention is but if you can live healthier and longer by walking then why not walk? Health is wealth and you can achieve the wealth just by taking a nice walk.

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