English Project #3: Pitch

For anyone who lives in the Big Apple, just about everyone has a very dull and customary daily routine. Whether they are on their way to work or school, it’s a very fixed and unchanged commute in the morning. However, why not make the decision to switch it up? Why not trek on the adventurous side and make your morning commute a much more enjoyable and beneficial experience? For those who have the daily commute to the New York City College of Technology, there is that possibility. There is a route that gives you more insight to the hidden beauty of Downtown Brooklyn, and can benefit any commuter both health wise, and mentally.

This route begins at the Borough Hall Train Station, where the 4, 5, 2, 3, and J train are located. You would exit the train station at the Joralemon Street side. Once you exit, you take a right onto Court Street, right alongside the huge courthouse situated there. There are a lot of businesses on this particular corner, consisting of stores like Starbucks, Sephora, Duane Reade, and Court St Office Supplies to name a few. You then take another right at this corner and continue on Court Street. As you continue to walk, you’ll notice a few more businesses like a pizzeria, a Bank of America and a big, beautiful TD bank glass building. This particular building is a glorious piece of architecture, and is quite awe inspiring to see. You will also begin to approach Columbus Park, right next to Cadman Plaza. The Plaza itself is a quaint, relaxing place to be, with benches to relax and the park to see, as opposed to the busier other side of the street, where all the hustle and buzz of business occurs. This park is pretty long, going along for about 5 or 6 blocks. Its very quaint, very clean, and quite beautiful. There are a few bus stops going along it as well. Walking alongside it, one gets a feeling of beauty. even though right across the street are more buildings. However, these are modern, beautiful works of architecture, so it only adds to the euphoria. Once you hit Johnson Street, you take a right, and start to walk along it. You get to walk along side Columbus Park for a few more seconds as it continues on Johnson Street. One block after, on Adams Street, you will arrive at the North West entrance to City Tech, (General Building)

This particular walk consists of approximately 7- 10 minutes, also dependent on how much a person would want to take in on this route. Any individual who decides to commute on this route will not have to sacrifice any travel time, as it is the same amount of time as the shortest possible route from the starting point to City Tech. Therefore, it can be enjoyed without compromise. On taking on this route, an individual will bask in the more eye-catching and beautiful aspects of Downtown Brooklyn. This is one of the few locations where one can witness the architectural beauty of modern day New York, while at the same time basking in the trees, flowers and organic beauty of nature, hence Columbus Park. This brings a wondrous benefit, as it is actually scientifically proven that being more in tune with nature on a daily basis (especially people who live in the city) are less prone to depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. This was written about in a New York Times article “How Walking in Nature Changes The Brain”, by New York Times reporter Gretchen Reynolds. It talks of a study performed, where a group of students from Stanford College in Connecticut, were told to commute to school on different routes with different environments. One group walked on the “more natural side” of the Stanford School, where there were many trees, flowers, and more nature. The second group commuted on the side with heavy traffic and city buzz, and with no aspects of nature present. Those who commuted on the greener side had a much more productive and happy day than those who stayed on the city ridden route. This route to City Tech implicates nature aspects with the stroll through Columbus Park, giving the commuter those same benefits of having a more enjoyable and productive day. This particular park is excellent for commuting through, as its very clean, lively, and full of green. The website FourSquare features many ratings from many different people, describing Columbus Park as “beautiful, with lots of green space and very fun” It receives an average rating of 8/10. So, Columbus Park is the perfect place to get some fresh green air while commuting to City Tech, while at the same time being able to admire the architectural marvels of Downtown Brooklyn, and add to the euphoria.

Making that slight change to your everyday routine can really make a difference in your day, and even your life. What could be better than basking in life’s natural beauty, while at the same time giving yourself a break from the stress and anxiety of being a New Yorker. The city that never sleeps doesn’t have to be the city that stress you out. Its the small things that give an individual a sense of appreciation and a new outlook on life, giving you the boost to say “Today, is gonna be a good day”.

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