Eng. Project #3 – The Pitch

Every day we walk on the same route to school or work. We are tired of the view on our route. We no longer feel curious about the view or want to look at it one more time. Our life becomes boring. Life should not be like that, life should be full of vitality, passion, coloring, changes, and new things. When you discover a new thing, you would feel your passion and curiosity again. And this app will guide you discover a new route, which can rekindle your passion and color your life. A new route is not just a new route, you are going to find out lots of unexpected things on it.

New York City is the most populous city in the United State and one of the biggest city in the world. The huge population makes the city become fast-paced and noisy. Every day after the sun comes out, the city is awake. Then the noise starts permeating in the air. People are making noise; trains are making noise; cars are making noise; etc. The more people, the more noise. And we are tired of those noises. But we can’t stop them. Even though we can stop them, the place we are living in is no longer New York City. The noise is New York City’s voice. But what can we do to those noises? The answer is we don’t need to do anything to them! We just need to find a quiet place and take a good rest. And this app would guide you escape from the noisy and enjoy a moment of quiet and peace!

The five new places we are going to experience today are Cadman Plaza Park, Hillside park, Hillside park, Harry Chapin Playground, Fort Stirling Park, and Brooklyn Heights Promenade. All those five places are related to our theme today– quite. If you look at the map, you would find out that they all located around Brooklyn Heights. Take a left turn after you head out of City Tech. Then turn right on Tillary Street and go straight to Cadman Plaza W. Finally Turn right on Cadman Plaza W and keep going to Old Fluton Street. And you will see our first place — Cadman Plaza Park. If you meet that park in summer, it would give you a feeling of  fresh and lively. It has a big area of lawn and trees around. People play around on the lawn. And you would have an impulse to lay down on the lawn and listen to the trees. Since it is fall now, the park seems not as lively as summer. But for instead, it would give you a feeling of quiet and peace. The park becomes yellow. Not many people in the park, birds are gone. I would say the park is sleeping. It is so quiet and calm. When you walking in that park, don’t forget to close your eyes for a while. You would forget this noisy city and feel unprecedented peace. Let’s turn left on Old Fluton Street, then turn left on Vine Street. There is the Hillside park. This park is smaller than the Cadman Plaza Park, but it also has a lot of trees around it. There are tables and chairs in the park. Eat your lunch without any annoying voices here! Keep walking on Vine Street then turn left on Columbia Heights and keep going down. You would see the Harry Chapin Playground, the Fort Stirling Park, and the Brooklyn Height. All of them are the good places for you to take a good break from this noisy city.

After walking on this route and seeing so much green. You must feeling brand new now.  You must discover the tranquility that you have been seeking for. This tranquility might change you, becasue it would calm your irritable mind or comfort you from something that goes wrong. The noise in the city is just like the things that make you upset.And we just need to take a break. Everthing is going to be as easy as open this app~

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