Project #3: (Annotated Bibliography)

“The Advantages of a New Perspective: A Literary Walk in Brooklyn Heights” Blog: Walking Of The Big Apple (No name, Published October 12, 2010. Web. November 16, 2015.)

The buildings were famous from the churches in the nineteenth century and its elegant homes created by the merchants and sea captains in the shipping trade. The picture itself connects to the theme of beauty and quietness, and the photograph looks as the same when you visit this location. Also, it mentions about an author who wrote about the beauty of a yellow brick house. Since, we are in the generation of using technology, many social media is connected also so that people can comment on the site and share their experience at that location.

This website connects to the project, because it talks about the background of the location. It includes such pictures and detailed promotion toward the area that I picked for my location. Even with my knowledge of the Brooklyn Heights, it talks more about different things that I believe that it motivates the reader to go to the place.

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Kaysen, Ronda. “Midtown’s Vanishing Historic Architecture” New York Times. June 5, 2015. Web. November 16, 2015.

Historic District Council deemed worthy of preserving 12 location and 36 were recently demolished. She mentioned in her article that, “None of these sites were designated New York landmarks, but for many people, they were nevertheless among the treasures that define the city’s neighborhoods — the mix of terra cotta and stone amid the glass and steel that makes the city unique.” Midtown’s Vanishing Historic Architecture, an article published in the New York Times by Ronda Kaysen explains the reader about the how some buildings in NYC should not be demolished. Ronda explains the reader how many buildings should be kept in preserved, because of the significant architectural built of each premises. It is in the matter time that the Midtown will reach the tipping point of losing these old and new mixture of architectural buildings.

This articles relates to the project in a way that can help the Brooklyn heights to preserve its worth. Such explained in the Midtown vanishing architecture, buildings are demolished each day’s. People should know this reality that these old memorable places should be kept. We should keep our eyes open for any changes though the Brooklyn Neighborhood. Such occurrence happening in Manhattan, there is still possibility that it is not safe in Brooklyn or any other boroughs.

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“Walking New York” New York Times By: Different blogger, dates are all different also

This website is very high-tech in displaying each location with the picture in the background and scrolling once by reading the next page. Each location are explained in details that are not like a long boring text to read like in one of the article. However, it is a whole collection of people explaining each of their experience with the location that have visited. There is a map that it shows the location of the place they mentioned in the text. The images that is behind can be moved by your mouse or hand. Showing the bird’s eye view, like the google globe that goes endless with right and left.

Even though, the location and the website does not make any connection in which is about Brooklyn Heights. However I believe that it some how shows different aspect in where the background map moves when you drag it, which is cool that people who made this kind of technology should do it for different borough, such as Brooklyn. Sure, Brooklyn Heights is fun. However, there is so much more in different locations. By reading articles from different people, I am sure that however reading it would lead them to the location that they want to see.

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McGrath, Ben. “New York City Walk” January 03, 2005. Web. November 16, 2015.

An amazing person, Caleb Smith who walked all the streets and island of Manhattan in NYC. He explains in his own website that he took two years to complete this project. He explained in his website, what exactly he done in his walk and in his days in the summer he woke up five in the morning and began started his daily walk. He have a map that is marked with black marker which it shows all the line so of the street covered. He also have many thumbnails to show people what he had accomplished, and this is something that any of us could do.

This article relates to our project because it is something that we could do as a Brooklyn community. We can do what Caleb Smith have done, where he walked all the street in Manhattan. We can walk Brooklyn Heights and see the different views and architectures. We can learn from his unique walk and it does relates to our project, because he have done something similar to our walk in Brooklyn.

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Terzian, Peter. must-see Brooklyn Heights March 03, 2014. Web. November 16, 2015.

Small summary about the Brooklyn Heights which it explains the architecture and the history behind the location. It contains more picture than the text itself, because showing beauty with words is different than showing the actual place if that person been to. In addition, comparing it to different source, each pictures is taken differently in perspective angles. It also has a link to some of the words that the author included, so that readers can understand what he means on the website.

This article also relates to our project, because it shows the different perspective of pictures. It have taken from different angles and some are taken at night to show the difference in day and night. I think that this little description is good enough to say to the people who wants to visit Brooklyn Heights, because giving off too much could lead the reader to know everything, which I am sure that they want to figure out things themselves.

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