Project #3: the route

Taking a route to walk around in city, people might see many beautiful buildings, quiet road, and the nature. These scenes could help people feel relax, or even make their day. However, now days construction side are allover in the city, its very hard to find those places close to each other, or make them connect with shorter route. People who live in big cities need to go to this places to release their pressure. With this app, you can easily discover many different route that guide you walking through the city to see those beautiful scenes, and feel the city’s quiet side.

Here are five places we are going to see in our detour today, they are Cadman plaza park, Columbus park, First Unitarian Congregational Society, Pierrepont street, and Brooklyn Heights promenade at the dead end of Remsen street. These five places are all around the Brooklyn Heights, they are very beautiful and quiet. While taking the walk, people can see many special buildings, the buildings themselves are very old, but they really stand out in that area with its different appearance color and style. The roads are small and quiet, even though there are still cars drive by, but they don’t make much noise, becasue of the small road they drive very slow.

The starting place is CityTech the whole walk will take about 30 minutes.

Turn left walk out from CityTech to Tillary street. Then turn left again to cadman plaza. (Cadman plaza park)

Turn left walk across the block .(Columbus park)

Across Cadman plaza W follow Pierrepont street walk to hanry street (First Unitarian Congregational Society)

Turn left walk two block to Remsen street, then turn right, walk all the way to the end (Brooklyn Heights promenade) You can see the skyline of Manhattan, Enjoy your day.


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  1. Your theme seem not really clear, also I don’t see your thesis statement either. In the first paragraph, “With this app….” what is the app? You have to provide the app info.

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