Writing a Persuasive Argument

Your second assignment: the pitch

Now that you’ve decided on the route, write a persuasive argument for beta testers of the app to convince them that they would want to take your proposed walk, and what the reward or rewards will be for that extra investment of time and effort. This should be approximately 750-900 words. Due M 11/9 for peer review

How do we organize a persuasive argument?

Eliminating most sounds by occupying quiet environments lead to a more relaxed route.

Rather than taking the traditional route, a quieter route that leads app users through X, Y, and Z can offer app users a more relaxed experience.

Although walking along Jay street is the fastest way to get from the A/C/F/R station to City Tech, a route that passes A, B, and C would be a better way to start the day because it offers app users beautiful inspiration.

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