Value-Added Portrait: Phase 4

Project#3 was very interesting where I got to use paint and Photoshop in order to create my finial work.I learned many things from this project that will benefit me to the next project. Hardest part of this project was the painting, since the last time I painted was when I was in elementary school in Japan. I also screwed up on measuring my collages, so that the final project looks off for the Photoshop. I do not know what happened when I printed out my image version in JPEG. I specifically out it into 6″x 6″ however, I do not know how library printer works so the image came out smaller. Also, since my collage’s measurement was off by 2 to 5 millimeters, I had to add in more to the side. When I looked the final project, I noticed many errors that I can work on further more. Above all, I did pretty much “Ok” with the above all project #3. However, I could do them better next time.

Broad Paint/Collage
Narrow (High Key) Photoshop/Collage
3D Anaglyph
3D Anaglyph

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  1. The painting we did in this project I feel is great little introduction into our next project since it involves paint. I agree the painting part was hard but I believe we can both improve together as we tackle the next project. For the printing problem, I would say to print from the computer lab. Even though you mentioned that there was a lot of errors with your collages I honestly think you did a pretty great job. Keep up the good work Ayano 🙂

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