Value-Added Portrait: Phase 3+Phase 4

It took me about a hour to finish everything. The focus point on my broad-range painting is the most lightest part of two pieces of collage, you can easily find it out. And the focus point on my narrow-range is the curves with darker colors. The most difficult part of this project for me is painting. The last time I used brush was in elementary school, I used to use graphic tablet to draw and paint on laptops, so when I paint with brush, it didn’t work as I imagined, a pretty hard challenge for me. Other steps are fine, I enjoyed to work on them, easily accomplished. This project helps me to realize I’m better as doing digital art than physical art which is painting. I spend more time to paint on bristle than making a collage on mac. Learn to paint physically is one thing I have to improve on in the future, I hope next time when I worked on the painting it will done as I imagined.




1 thought on “Value-Added Portrait: Phase 3+Phase 4”

  1. That’s pretty impressive getting all those details in just one hour. With your narrow range composition, the painted collage and the cut out collage looks almost identical. With your broad range, it looks like you added in every crease and wrinkle. Even though the cut out collage for the broad range came out greenish because of your printer, I still like how it looks. Keep up the good work Jingyi 🙂

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