Eng. Project #3 – The Route

No exception for you or me, beautiful things, nature, environment, and fresh air have given all of us good mood. This app will guide you to walk through a new route, and takes you to the beautiful environmental places that you have never been before. The memory from the boring route you walked everyday will be immediately gone since you used this app for once. Good mood will turn your life more colorful. For Experiencing better life, mood, nature, beautiful things, environment, and fresh air, start using this app right now.

The five new places are waiting you to explore today are Commodore Barry park, Commodore Barry Pool, Golconda Playground, Oxport playground, and Trinity park. They are all located on the Nassau St and Flushing Ave, horizontally, near each other, and segment to each other by one or two streets shown on the map vertically. They have the same logo, a design of a circle and a maple pattern inside of it. This logo represents NYC Parks or City of New York Parks & Recreation, means they are all under controlling by the New York City Department of Park & Recreation. The season for now is autumn, when people think of autumn, the first thing comes to mind is maple, consistent with the maple logo. The logo helps you to easier to notice where they are when you get close to them, so you won’s miss it when trying to find the location by looking around. Each time you get to a target location, you can take a few minutes to explorer inside and or just move to the next location.

The starting place is from City Tech (New York City College of Technology) Including midway break, this journey will taken you about a hour.

Turn left when you get out from City Tech.

And then turn right, take a 10 minutes walk on the Tillary Street.

Turn left on Duffield street.

When you get on the Nassau St, Trinity Park is in front of you. Don’t miss it.

Turn right after you explored Trinity Park, keep walking on the Nassau St. The rest of other locations are all on the same street and the same direction, horizontally. Don’t missed up maple logo. Enjoy your walk.

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5 thoughts on “Eng. Project #3 – The Route”

  1. Do you recommend those following the route walk through the parks, or just alongside the parks?

    Also, is the pool in use now? Is it in use while City Tech is in session? If so, when? Is that important to your suggested nature experience?

    You should do a bit of research to find out why those locations all have that same maple logo–can you do an image search for it? You’ll understand why they all have it once you know what it means.

  2. You have a clear set of theme in your project. However, I think your thesis statement is incomplete. If the last sentence of your introduction is your statement, you should add more. Think about what you want to tell the reader about in your project just by reading your statement. Sure, persuading consumers to downloading your app in the goal. However, what is the benefit? You just listed out things. (e.g. better life, mood, nature, beautiful things, environment, and fresh air). If you don’t understand what I meant, feel free to talk to me about it!

  3. Your theme is the beauty in the environment. For your thesis I would say that you’re listing too many things. Think about the main things you want to go over with your theme. Also you don’t have to keep on repeating what your theme is.

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