: shining with many different colors when seen from different angles

I‚Äôve come across this word when I was listening to the song name “Iridescent” by Linkin Park. Even though that’s the title of the song the word was never used throughout the whole song so I was very curious to know what it truly meant. Now I have a better idea of the song and what the message behind the song is. It’s talking about ¬†what it feels like to be at a bad place in your life¬†and¬†how someone can find the light while you’re walking through the dark.

Project #2: Including senses

As I was making my way towards my location, I walked through a busy street filled with different kinds of people, different kinds of smells from food carts, construction and honking cars. The lively area of Fulton Mall is filled with a variety of different stores all in one place. While walking I came across a Dr.Jays right next to Banana Republic. After seeing that I felt a bizarre feeling because Dr.Jays is usually a store you would find in the Bronx while Banana Republic is a store you would find in Manhattan. The juxtaposition here is that Manhattan is more of a welcoming, metropolis area that tourists like to flock to . On the other hand the Bronx is more of a hood area that most people would be afraid to be in. The overlap of these two stores is just odd since the locations that they primarily found in are completely different in terms of environment and social status.




: towards or at the back part of a boat, ship, or airplane.


I’ve come across this word in the reading excerpt “Reading Lucy”. This word can be found in the quote “So I’ll throw in another kiss and just an inchy wincy pinch on the aft end”. This quote came from a letter Lucy wrote to her husband Alfred when he left for boot camp. From learning what aft means, it would make sense that Lucy would be at an aft end because she was a mechanic at a Navy Yard in World War II. These letters were ways that Lucy could give her love to Alfred while he was away.

Sound Visualiazations: Phase 1

The song I chose is “Eternal Pose” which is the 15th ending of my favorite anime One Piece. In the beginning there’s a major legato feeling then there’s a staccato beat that is added in. With this song you get the feeling of these contrasting sounds in unison. In the staccato sketches, I felt the use of straight lines would represent a constant beat. The zig-zag lines represent transition into the more staccato feeling . The stars represent the snare drum sound I hear. The difference in line weight would show the on and off beat feeling. In the legato sketches, I felt the use of more curvy lines would represent the flow of notes that are held for a period of time from the violin. The repetition of circles would show represent the transition from one note to another from the guitar. The short curved lines would represent the cymbal crashes.

Each sketch took 30 mins(in total 6 hours)







Visualizations: Phase 1

For this part of the project, it took me about 1 hour to finish it. I create these designs with listening two types of music which are Legato and Staccato. Legato is those musics with beautiful, calm, and soft sounds. They can represent by the  rough, smooth, and thin lines. Staccato is sound with crazy rhythm, more beats than Legato. This kind of sound can represent by the sharp and thick lines.








Eng. Project #2 Draft #1

Project #2 Overlapping New Yorks

New York is always changing thus leaving different sensory in our neighborhood. I went around the City Tech neighborhood in look to find any overlapping New Yorks, and I did. In order to find the overlapping New York I found, you first need to exit City Tech from the Namm building. Once you are outside, turn right on Jay Street and start walking. As you walk for about 5 minutes, you will pass a parking-lot, a Halal Cart, a resting area where a lot of people will be sitting and socializing with their family or friends. Then the Jay Street Metro Tech subway. As soon as you pass the subway about half way through the block, look across the street and you will see the overlapping New York. You will see a tall beautiful building called the Brooklyn Fire Headquarters and right next to it you will see a small store name Metro Café.

The Overlapping New York here is a big beautiful building (Brooklyn Fire Headquarters) and a small store name Metro Star Café. The Big building is newly renovated, whereas the Café looks old as if it was there for a very long time. It has an old time look to it, but the fire house looks very nice and it fits the time period it is in. The fire house has a pointy roof top, you can see the patterns in the design on the roof, whereas the Café has a flat roof and you cannot even see it from the street view. The Fire house is a huge building about 6 stories high, and it even has a balcony. The café is just two stories high. The fire house has many windows about 20, where the café only has about 3. The fire house is made of brick where the café is not. On the café you can clearly see the name on it right at the top, but you cannot see the name of the fire house on the building anywhere. My guess is they have not put it up as of yet. The fire house has a arch door entrance and a regular door entrance which really makes the design of the building beautiful. As for the café, it has a very basic door entrance.

The Fire Headquarters represents New York’s safety. New York is very quick when it comes to responding to danger. The Café represents New Yorkers and food. New Yorkers love food. New Yorkers live on Coffee, we have to get up early and coffee is the way to get that morning boost.

The photo I took shows the frame of both buildings. On the right is the small café, and on the left is the huge fire house. It captures the juxtaposition nicely. You can clearly see how different these two buildings really are. The main focus here is the fire house because of the size, whereas the café is so small, you barley look at it. These two buildings are completely different, the Fire house is big, tall, and very clean like the other buildings around there, when the café is a small short building smack in the middle of the tall big buildings. Both buildings however are highly maintained.


Project #2: Including senses

The route I chose to walk from city tech was joyful for me. Before I started the walk, I didn’t know what I would meet and experience. I didn’t carefully¬†look at the map. So everything on the route were new for me. And I was really looking forward to it. But when I went across the¬†Tillary street and looked all the way down along the Jay street. I felt like that was¬†nothing special. I could see those surroundings¬†anywhere in Brooklyn. And that made me a little disappointed. But after I kept walking for a while, I realized that there is Brooklyn, that is how it looks like. This route I chose is a part¬†of Brooklyn. And many of those parts¬†made up Brooklyn. Every day I am on the same route from home to school. It keeps repeating and I almost forget the name of the place I live. But when I carefully looked at the buildings, the parks, and the people on the route I chose, I felt like that they were reminding me that there is Brooklyn, the place you are living in. Then I walked on the Sand street. And it surprised me. The buildings were¬†different ¬†from the Jay street’s. The buildings looked more¬†Modernized. And I felt like I saw a new face of Brooklyn. The¬†US Post Office, the Surrogates Court, and the Kings Country Supreme Court are¬†Majesty. And they were also telling me that Brooklyn is a part of US.