English Project #2 Process

In this project, I have changed it for many times to make it easier for readers to read and better understanding. I realized what I wanted to include was after I saw the theme word juxtaposition, “the act or an instance of placing two or more things side by side; also  :  the state of being so placed” , so I decided to start with choosing my two places that Im going to juxtapose. I determined what to eliminate is after my classmates leave me a comment. I  figure out the project’s organization after having met with professor, she inspired me a lot. My classmate’s feedback helped me to consider what to include and eliminate, example like grammar, sometimes I put “the” in the place don’t need to, and my classmates help me out with that. I spend 20 mins on brainstorming, 1 hr on outlining, 2 hrs on drafting, 1 hr on  revising, and 10 mins on polishing.

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