ENG 1101 Project #2 Process

When I first heard the word juxtaposition in class, I couldn’t come up with any idea on what it meant and was kind of scared to start the project. When I actually got the definition, it’s not really confusing as the word itself. On the walk that we had to take in the beginning phase of this project, I already knew what location I was going to go with. The reason being is that before starting my semester at Citytech I did some exploration around the area. I’d came across an area that felt odd to me because the two stores that was in this area were very contrasting but yet they were right next to each other. I refined my essay by condensing some of my longer sentences and adding more necessary detail into my two stores since I got the reputation paragraphs already done. I made two extra paragraphs about the stores to really get the contrast out of them since the reputation of the boroughs they were in was contrasting in itself and the stores portrayed those boroughs. With the elimination and organization of this project, I made an appointment to see my teacher because I had many ideas and it was too scattered. I felt unsure about my first draft in terms of extra detailing and not getting straight to the point in a less wordy way. In this project my peers feedback wasn’t as helpful as I thought it would be because my main response back was that my essay was pretty good. In the back of my head I knew that it wasn’t really the case and I had to do better. At the time of the peer feedback, since many of my peers were stuck on coming to a clear subject to use in their essays they probably thought I had mines well figured out. I took about 30 minutes brainstorming and outlining. The draft itself took about 4 hours to do. Revising and polishing took about 5 hours.

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