Value-Added Portraits: Phase 1

IMG_1168 (1)

Low Key

In this photo, we have a low key value setting of the corner of an elevator. Although there is some light present here there’s still darkness in the corner that the light doesn’t seem to touch. The mood is sort of eerie. It’s as if something can pop out of there if you look long enough. Also the fact that it’s a dark corner brings a depressing feeling of loneliness.

IMG_1167 (1)

High Key

In this photo, we have a high key value setting of a town made out of paper. The pure whiteness of this town, along with the highlight, overpowers the shades of gray and the black around it. The mood is up-beat since this is a light color. If this town was real I feel it would be prosperous since the white draws in attention.

(Total amount of time: 15 minutes)


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