English Project #2 Process

In this project, I knew what I wanted to include by reading the project description. This project is all about over lapping New Yorks, how two different things in New York overlap in one place. Such as; old and new, residential and commercial, historic and replaceable, natural and man-made, constructed and under-construction, well maintained and in disrepair, celebrated and forgotten, etc. I then reread what I wrote and refine it by changing some words, adding new thoughts and take away what is not important. I determine what to eliminate by what I saw as repetitive and what really does not really say a lot about the topic. I figured out how to organized my project by the order in which the project task asked, First I wrote about how to get to the location I chose, then how they over lapped. As my classmate read my work and give me feedback, it helped to improve my work. By reading my class mates work and give them feedback, it helped to me to also improve my work because as I was reading their work, I realized what was missing in my work. I spent approximately 15 minutes brainstorming, 15 minutes, outlining, 40 minutes drafting, 15 minutes revising, 15 minutes polishing. A total of 1 hour and 40 minutes.

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