Project #3: Phase 1: Discover


High Key


Low Key

the first image is a high key image because the concentration on the white in the center with the black surrounding it. While the second image is a low key image because the concentration of black outweighs the white.

2 thoughts on “Project #3: Phase 1: Discover”

  1. I think you could crop the high-key photo somewhat until you reach the stronger parts of the light’s halo, or perhaps crop into the light itself if you want a stronger high-key image. The low-key image works really well thanks to the intense dark values, and the highlight on the balloon creates an interesting, dramatic mood.

  2. I agree with Romie on cropping the high key image because the surrounding black is a tad overpowering. Your low key image is the first I’ve seen with color which is very interesting. with the color yellow I would imagine a happy mood but in this setting it’s very mysterious.

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