Project #2 (Location with sensory details)

This is not just a building or an alignment of buildings that create juxtaposition. This is an intersection between Livingston street, Boerum place, and Red Hook Lane. What really caught my attention is that the front building to the right looks old fashion, because of the way the roof top has a crown looking rim around it and how the windows look as if they were tucked into the building. There are also a lot of air conditioners in that building. Then in the background there are modern buildings forming. Which have more of glass windows and are very geometrical even on the roof. They do not have air conditioners either because of how central air has taken over in many new buildings. There is a pattern as well because the second building to the left looks very old fashion too with the beige color and round windows. The pattern is old, new, old, new building. To get to this locations it takes 10 min to walk to from City Tech. When you exit make a right, walking on Jay street straight to Livingston street where you would make a right turn. You will just walk one block and end up at the intersection of Red Hook Lane and Boerum Place on Livingston street.

I have actually never walked this way before. The reason I stumbled across it was because a friend of mine wanted to shop around the area so I followed. As I was walking I thought to myself, let me see if I could find a place where I see juxtaposition. I had found a couple but it was this one that caught my eye the most. I actually did not like the intersection, because it was very busy full of cars beeping every where. It felt stressful just to cross the street.


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