Eng Project #2: Draft

Everyday, new changes are happening and sometimes we are not aware of it. One place in particular that has been changing over the years is New York; particularly New York City. The city has been known as “The City of Dreams” or “Empire City”. There is always something changing in New York City whether it’s constructing new buildings or adding new businesses. Living in New York, we don’t realize the changes that are happening or we see it but don’t really care too much about it. 

For this project, the place that I chose to do was the U.S. Polo Association Outlet Store on 468 Fulton Street in Brooklyn. From the City Tech building, it’s only a walking distance to the store. When you get out from the Namm building, you turn right and just walk straight until you’re at the corner of 2 Smith Street. When you’re walking from Jay Street, you’ll pass by the Supreme and Family Court, the Jay Street/MetroTech train station, and some stores on the way. When you get to the corner of 2 Smith Street, cross the street and continue to walk straight. On you’re walk, you’ll pass through many shops such as Gap, Foot Locker, Unique, Macy’s, American Eagle Outfitters, Kay Jewelers, Modells Sporting Shops, Journey’s. When you see Aldo’s, you’ll see the Polo Outlet Store right next to it. You won’t be able to miss it because of the cream colored building and the large blue polo logo on the store. 

The U.S. Polo Association brand has been going on since 1890 and it continues to grow with many outlet stores opened in New York and other different states. From the five boroughs in New York, three outlet stores are opened in Manhattan, one in Queens, one in the Bronx, and one in Brooklyn. The Polo outlet store in Brooklyn is a fairly tall cream building with a large blue polo logo in the front. There are two glass doors at the front. It is also in between a sneaker shop and Aldo.

In Brooklyn, you see a mix of some name brand stores and some non-name brand stores. On Fulton Street you’ll see a line mixed with name rand and non-name brand stores. For example, the U.S. Polo Association Outlet Store, is between a name brand store called Aldo’s, non-name brand sneaker store and a non-name jewelry store. In Manhattan, you mostly see brand name stores that are next to each other such as Tiffany and Co., Armani, Coach, etc. While the other non-name brand stores are somewhere else and they’re all also next to each other.

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